I have established that math is definitely not my forte. Sure it is not bad, I'm just not very good at it and everyday I always feel that I have some math homework to do because of my class. Then one of the worst things about it is how much time it just saps up. I was working on my math homework for I think over four hours straight and thankfully I went to the study room where I could use a white board instead of wasting several sheets of paper. Phew that was a relief. But I have defeated the disk/washer and or shell methods for today, but they will be back again with more difficult reinforcements on Wednesday so I better prepare and start gathering an army of sources and help to defeat them for that day until they strike again! >:]

Ah but now it is time to relax a little and enjoy my weekend. Possibly work on a little chemistry homework, and scavenge around for some gifts for my friends' upcoming events. Unfortunately, when I went to the store today with the perfect gift for one of my friends in mind, when I got there and I went down the aisle that it was in, I found that it had been sold out! I walked all the way into town to find that the gift was sold out and that the store was packed. It was awful. I missed lunch to hurry on over and get it, but it was sold out. How depressing. Now I must find another day to go and see if the perfect gift has returned to the store.

Well that is once again my excitement for the day.

Signing off,
Captain Zetallia