Got home from work at 7:30 or so. Was hungry. stayed up till 9 AM or abouts. Set alarm for 5:30. Woke up at 4:30. Roommate got me philly sandwich. It was pretty delicious but I think I might like it more without chipolte. Or however that spice is spelled. Didn't mind being woken up early at all. Showered. Took out the trash. Did the dishes. I'm going to do those every day so Taylor and Brian won't need to. Still feel strange.

I know it's really immature, and a high-school dream sort of thing. But I wish I could live in another world. Not Gaia. But in a book, or a game, or an anime even. I'm far beyond depression. I constantly feel numb and empty. I derive little joy from anything. I used to be like this back when mom left. Talking doesn't help. I really wish it did. I guess it'll get better on it's own eventually.

Watched almost all of the rest of Sword Art Online with Taylor today, except for the last episode. She says we will watch it in the morning after work. All of my favorite animes always end so quickly. Especially Fooly Cooly. I feel weird when I watch those shows. Sometimes I feel like I'm about to cry but I don't know why. It's really stupid.

Taylor got employee of the month at her job today. I was happy for her. She's really great. I miss her so much when I'm at work or she is. I wish she was here right now.