Ahoy there! I apologize for not making my post promptly last night. I was overwhelmed with writing up my lab report for my chemistry lab. And might I add that I stayed up all night working on it with my boyfriend and friend. I saw the sun go down while working on it and rise the next morning. Geez this week has been hectic; it has been back to back papers, assignments, midterms, quizzes, and a lab report. But at long last, this week is finished and hopefully it should calm down a little bit.

So a little about my day now: I didn't really sleep other than a couple power naps in between my lab report struggle and then I was ready to leave for class by 0830 with some potassium in the form of a banana for breakfast on the walk to my class. The lab I had to do today wasn't all that bad, except for when I inhaled some hydrochloric acid vapors on accident. That was painful, my nose burned a little and I think it messed up my sense of smell a little. Then after that, every single lab I have, some liquid, whether it be acid or a base or whatever else we are using gets spilled on my lab notebook. Usually it isn't too bad, but one of the past times one of the liquids changed color on my notebook.

Well, that's enough of that so moving on now. After lab, the little energy I had left started to fade and by the time I got back to the dorm I took a nap until I had to get up for my math class, which is always interesting. Today I decided to try a coffee beverage to keep me awake before class, so I went to the cafeteria and I saw a little advertisement for a caramel frappuccino and it looked refreshing so I decided to try it. My legs wouldn't stop shaking after that. I was so jittery in my math class, but I stayed awake so the coffee beverage did its job.

Math has always been an interesting subject for me, sometimes I get it and other times I just wind up with a headache trying to solve the problems. But I must say, I am quite proud of some of my doodles in my notebook. Well I'm still a bit tired so I think I will watch a couple episodes of House before I go visit the land of dreams.

Signing off,
Captain Zetallia