i think i did something that was a bit over, but then again i feel like it wasn't "wrong" of me to do that. the level of language i was going at may be too rude? but that person was being an a**?
maybe i should've stopped there and told that person to back off on my second reply
but that's the second time i've seen someone wanting to kill of cresento and b***h i ain't letting that go. you're talking about one of my favorite characters.

i don't know why should i try to justify myself.
and i should know those people don't like me anyway


maybe i'd get banned again, cause i'm totally not a cool person, you know, too crazy to talk to, too into yaoi (******** you), not a prommie of the room

what do i care. last time i got banned it was kinda good for me.
but im making sure i dont do something stupid again, so if i ever get banned, must be a staff who hates me or a staff who's too stupid to investigate