Been years since i've been to Gaia online so i've missed alot of it. I'm really interested in MMOs, but community avatar sites like Gaia usually get me by just in case if a certain MMO shuts down.

I used to go to TinierMe but it's non-existant anymore...Miss it muchly and my name used to be iMelody there... crying Good times.

Trickster Online got shut down for awhile but came back as a Private Server as of August 15th 2013. I went back there on November 2nd 2013 and i have a level 296 Soul Master there along with a Duelist and a Soon to be Priest

I also play Aura Kingdom...forgot the level but i was a Bard there with my 2nd job to be Wizard

I left FlyFF again for the 2nd time because leveling got very very hard and i don't always have the scrolls @_@; Curse u gPotato D:

Celestia Luna i played for awhile til level 60 then i got bored as i really didn't have any friends nor knew anyone enough to help me through then got rid of it...meh

Not sure if i want to go back to Eden Eternal

I want to try Osu sometime but that's only if my lazy butt would get up to download it xD;

Other News: I am engaged IRL and getting married on the first week of July biggrin

By then, i will be online less often unless if i get a day or two where i'm doing nothing and then i will be online for the whole day surprised

I also like games like Mario, Sonic, Zelda and Donkey Kong Titles

If anyone has a MMO that i haven't played yet; let me know (Please no FPS....can't stand those)

That's all for now biggrin