I don't know. I simply don't know. But I know that YOU know. Maybe it's not what I'm thinking. Even if it is what I'm thinking, it's not impossible to go through it without You. I know that I'm at this point for a reason.

All I ask is that You help me keep a level head in this. This has been my weakness in the past, and I need Your help to not succumb to this weakness again. Guide me while I walk through this. If it is only a small simple matter, then good. If it is more than this, I will really need Your guidance.

And so will others.

Just be with them, Lord. They have questions, or were wrongly informed, and they need answers. Guide them, and wherever I misstep or fail, I pray that you will cover for that anyway and help them to get to the truth that You have presented to them.

Help me to gather my thoughts and finish my research for the next time I speak to any of them. Some of them keep presenting many arguments to me-- sometimes too many to keep up with or address at once! Sometimes it's a matter of separating what's most important from the rest, though we aren't always in agreement about which parts are the most important. Lord give me wisdom, and give them wisdom as well.

And please let me get a message back soon. I might need You to send someone to talk to me and help me through that one.

In Christ's name I pray, Amen.