Heating Hearts

"Is the third grade hard?" Jae asked as she watched Trunks pull out clothes for the first day of school.

"No. It was really easy. Now the fifth grade, that was hard, but it was easy for me because I am so smart." He said boldly.

"Don't lie Trunks. I saw how none of your report cards were on the fridge in your kitchen for last year." Jae said as she moved off the bed and sat in a chair to see Trunks choose at outfit more closely.

"That's just cause mom didn't want to hurt Bra's feelings cause I did better than her." Trunks said sticking out his tongue at her.

"Whatever." Jae said looking out the window.

Trunks gazed at her expression. He could just tell that something was wrong.

"Why do you wanna know so much about the third grade anyway?" He asked her.

"I..I dunno." She said looking down rather than making eye contact.

"Well I think you'll do great." He said to her smiling as big as he could.

"You think so?" She perked up slightly smiling to him.

"For sure besides you're really smart. Especially for a silly third grader." He said laughing.

She joined in on his giggling, but only for a moment.

"Are you nervous about going to the sixth grade?"

"Why would I?" He asked now sitting on the bed finally settling on a tee shirt and jeans.

"Well you know. You won't be in elementary school anymore. You're gonna be a middle school kid." She said looking down to the floor.


"So you won't be with me anymore!" Her voice was raised and she was crying.

He saw how much he meant to her whether or not he felt she hated him. In a small way he was happy to see her in such distress. He knew that no matter what they fight about they would forever be friends.

Getting up he walked over to her and kneeled.

"Don't worry about it okay." He lifted her head so that she was looking at him, "no matter where I go we will always be friends. And besides I have to go to middle school and prepare them for you."

"Really?" She asked sniffling.

"Yea. If they can't handle me and Goten then how are they gonna handle you and Bra?" He asked smiling.

She leaned over and hugged him like she couldn't let go even if her life depended on it.

Nine Years Later~~~

I entered Bra's room and slammed the door behind me. I was breathing heavy as I leaned against it as if someone was about to bust in at any second.

"Jae what the ********?" Bra said as she lifted her face mask from her eyes.

Stepping from the door about to plump down on her bed I remembered why I was leaning against the door so awkwardly. Moving quickly I locked the door, and then plumped down on her bed.

"Oh my gosh Bra," I began as I noticed she was till in her jammies. "…You know it's like 2 in the afternoon." I mentioned.

"Yes, and that it is also a Saturday." She said casually.

"Ugh." I groaned and fell face first into her plush covers.

"What's wrong Jae, and don't you usually chill in Trunks' shower on Saturdays?" She asked sitting up on her elbows.

"That's the thing. This morning I felt like s**t, but then again I didn't." I spoke from the cloud like cover.

"Okay explain to me how that makes sense." She said.

"Well I felt fine, but at the same time I was burning up. It wasn't an external burn but from inside. I was on fire and I couldn't cool down."

"Oh boy…"

"Oh boy what?" I asked in a fret sitting up quickly from the blanket.

"I can't believe you are just now hitting your heat." She laughed

"Heat?" I asked.

"Your parents didn't tell you?"

"No….were they supposed to?" I asked.

"Duh, it kinda falls in there when you have the whole sex talk. Well for saiyans anyway."

"So I'm like a dog?" I questioned knowing full well how female dogs are while they're in heat.

"Eh not really, but kinda. I mean we have our human puberty, but then again we have our primal puberty. Thus the first stages of heat."

"So I'm like a horny dog?" I asked seriously.

"Pretty much, but there is more to it. Rather than you running out there to let any ole' dog screw you, you get attached to a certain male that you specifically want to screw."

"So I'm a whore regardless." I cried plowing back into the covers.

"No not at all. You are just making some sap the happiest guy in the world." She said rubbing my head.

I continued to whine into the covers as she went on, "I can't believe you are finally hitting your heat." She said almost mind boggled.

"When did you hit yours?" I asked only turning my head to look at her.

"When I was sixteen." She mumbled.

"You serious? With who?"

"Yea and uh it was uh…..Onntrerng…."

"Who?" I asked a little lost at whatever she said at the end.

"It was….go…ten"

I gasped so hard I nearly sucked in my uvula. "You slept with my brother?" I screamed.

"Shhhhhhh!" She hissed covering my mouth, "Yes it was your brother."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Cause I didn't know how you would react." She mumbled.

"Beside from being grossed out and sick to my stomach I think I would have reacted accordingly." I said with a grimace.

"Jae it really isn't that bad. I mean once you have that heated feeling that just won't go away when you're near him. OH gee does it feel good to cool down."

Am I really okay with having sex with him though? I mean we've grown up together. He's basically my best friend. s**t, he does have a very tempting body though….oh All those muscles that would just work me to the bone.


I blinked my eyes out of my trance and realized I was drooling.

"I know that kind of drool. So who is he?" She quarried as I wiped the spit from the side of my mouth.

"Uh…..listen about that."

"It's Trunks isn't it?" She questioned out loud.

"Wait, what, you didn't even give me a chance." I wailed feeling so red to the face.

"I can tell by the way he just looks at you. He wants you, and I think he was waiting for your heat to start so he can have a reason to take you."

"The way he looks at me? Like he's been looking at me in that way before this?" I questioned feeling a little giddy.

"Yea. They can smell that s**t you know, your heat. Especially if it's your first, when you're tempting, fresh, and tight, and it drives them crazy. Not only are you in a sex daze, but when close to them there are too. The only thing they want then is you and that cherry." Bra said poking me in my lower stomach.

"Ahhhh He was acting strangely when we were fighting. Saying so many things that made my flesh burn like crazy."

"Just wait till it gets worse."


"Yea worse. This is only the beginning Jae. Soon you guys are going to be all over each other no matter who is around because at those moments the only two people who matter are you and him."

"Oh." I mumbled.

"He's going to be really protective over you, and he's always going to want it. He might know when you're horny before you do." She laughed I suppose reflecting of when she was with…..Goten.

I inwardly cringed at the thought.


"Wait doesn't Trunks have a girlfriend?" I asked remembering a brunette being clutched to his arm a few weeks ago.

"Yea but she doesn't matter anymore. I mean you did say he was saying strange things when you were together?" She asked.

"Yea but he always say stupid s**t, but when I was sitting on top of him…."

"You were sitting on him? Damn Jae you move fast!"

"It wasn't like that. At first it was more of a defensive move then it turned into something else." I blushed at the remembrance of the feeling.

"Awww Jae wants Trunks' d**k…" She said proudly.

"Shut up." I whined into the blanket once again.

"Don't worry Jae it's not so bad. Trust me when you and him really start getting heated then woo is that going to be an experience." She laughed rubbing my back.

"If I tell you there's a party tonight, will that make you feel better?" She asked sweetly.

"Yea." I mumbled.

"Well there's a party tonight if no one has told you."

I gasped for effects, "No way."

"Yea, it's tonight at 11. You wanna go?"

"Yea…..oh wait I have to call my mom and tell her that I am staying a night here or something." I said reaching for her phone.

Right when I was about to call I heard a knock at her door.

Oh no….

I sunk into the blanket and cued Bra to speak.

"What?" She called out.

"Hey Bra open the door before your dad comes." Came Goten's voice from the other side.

I sighed in relief as I stood, "I will give you guys some alone time." I said unlocking the door.

Before Goten had a chance to realize that Bra wasn't the one opening it I said, "Hi Goten, Bye Goten."

Making my way down stairs I stopped in the kitchen.

Thank goodness it's empty.

Flipping up the phone I dialed my house number.




"Hello," came my dad's cheery voice.

"Hey daddy," I said just as vibrant.

"How's it shaken Jae bird?" He asked.

"Well I was just calling to let you know that I am staying over at Bra's tonight."

"You're not going to any wild parties are you?" He asked which took me by surprise.

"No..not at all. You know me better than that dad." I chuckled.

"Alright Jae bird just make sure you don't get drunk or shacked up with some guy. Leave that up to Bra, okay."

I laughed, "alright dad."



I closed the phone and smiled to myself.

Gee I love my dad.

"Hey brat!" A deep rigid voice yelled from behind me.

I turned to see Vageta, and thankfully no Trunks.

"Uh hey Vageta." I said a tad bit shaken.

He eye balled me for a good awkward minute, "So it is true."

"What?" I asked feeling like something was on my face.

Did I have some left over drool from earlier?

"That stench is all over you, so is his arousal." He grimaced.

"Arousal?" I mumbled a little more dumbfounded than I wanted.

"Don't play coy, you know what I mean. You've started you mating cycle."

"Mating cycle?" I mumbled

"Yes, girl, mating cycle. What are you a parrot today?"

"today..?" I laughed "No but really what are you talking about?" I asked.

"You and my boy are soon to be mates."

"Wait how do you know that?" I asked with worry.

"I was young once too girl. I know how these things work. Now since you are Kakarot's spawn, but still part saiyan it's going to have to do."

He walked around to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

"I warned my son about you. Mating with a human is nowhere near as intense as mating with a saiyan."

I blushed as he just assumed I was going to sleep with Trunks.

"I suggest in the future you go looking for him before he comes looking for you because he's going to come with only one thing on his mind."

Vageta walked out laughing I suppose for the double meaning at the end of his sentence.

The blush that seemed to be plastered to my face didn't cool at all.

Well on the bright side at least I know when I am not near him I feel better.

Easing my way back upstairs I made it to Bra's closed door. My hand dangled over the door knob before I remembered who was in there with her.

I kneeled slightly placing my ear to the door.

"Goten if we're going to do anything it can't be something that raises our Ki's" She whispered.

"Alright Bra. Just lay back I know what I'm doing."


I barely felt Bra's Ki and I didn't feel Goten's at all.

"Man they're good." I mumbled to myself.

I felt heat creep up on me as I rubbed my face.

Goodness I can feel their hotness.

I leaned in more to try and hear whatever else was being said, and then I felt a droplet land on my back.

Is it raining?

"Man they are good." Came a voice from over me.

I turned to see a very wet and barely towel covered Trunks.

"Shhhhhhh!" I hissed pushing him far away from the door.

When we got about half way down the hall from her room I stopped my shoving assault.

"I wonder what they're doing." He questioned looking back down to her room.

"Stuff." I replied quickly.

"What kind of stuff?" He asked easing to me.

The hotness was becoming unbearable and my cheeks felt like they were on fire.

"Stuff that falls into the ultimate category of stuff, besides why are you asking so many questions anyway? And why are you only in a towel? God why is it so hot in here?" I whispered harshly with a hint of dread.

"I took a shower. I was going to go to my room till I saw you standing here in the hall."

"Could you not use the shower in your bathroom?" I asked realizing that he had me closed in against the wall.

"Why did you run off earlier?" He asked gazing down at me.

My breath was caught in my throat as I began to sweat, "I….uh…well….." I looked away, finding something more interesting down the hall, which there really wasn't.

He used his hand to guide my face back to look up at his.

"Why didn't you tell me you started your heat?"

A blush creped onto my face. Trunks and I talked to each other about everything, but some things were just too sexual.

"I didn't know it was happening." I mumbled somewhat losing my voice.

His hand ran across my cheek, finger by finger; his mouth slowly easing towards mine.

"My Jae bird is finally all grown up." He spoke through half lidded eyes and grazing lips.

He didn't kiss me, but made me want him to. The close contact did little for my urges.

"My dad told me about saiyan heat, but yours is the only one I have witnessed so first handedly."

"I'm sorry." I squeaked as his other hand ran up my inner thigh.

He chuckled while still rubbing his lips lightly over mine. "No need to be." His pelvis pressed into my lower stomach.

I love and hate this feeling.

A slight moan escaped my lips, "What about your girlfriend?" I questioned.

"What about her?"

I gasped as he began to slightly tug on the rim of my pants. "D..don't you like her? You are together, right?"
I never liked it when Trunks would break a girl's heart over stupid things. Growing up I watched him go through girls like rolls of tissue. I didn't want to be the reason he left this one. I might have been jealous when they were together, but I would never take away Trunks' possible chance at happiness.

"She doesn't matter Jae. All I want is you."

I felt his smooth hand leave my face and slide across my stomach. His fingers reached the rim of my pants, which he quickly bypassed.

Damn I really need to start wearing underwear with these things.

He easily made his way down my pants seeing as it was the only layer blocking his entrance. I felt his fingertips twiddle with the hairs that dwelled at the apex of my sex.

I instantly closed my eyes too overwhelmed by anticipation and lust.

His hand continued the journey till it completely cupped my heat. The contact of his skin around my heated desire only fueled my arousal.

Pushing me up like I weighed nothing only using the hand that was in my pants; when my feet dangled and my eyes were on level with his, I had to grab ahold of his shoulders for dear life.

"I wondered about the day I would be able to take you." He whispered slowly, letting me feel the movement of his fingers.