I graduate soon pretty excited! I was thinking recently everything has been going on and been driving me nuts. I've been stressed out because of people problems and school. I never just once stopped to think "what about other people?"

Sometimes it bothers me to know that some people just don't understand. Like you have those people who say they do, but think about it can they read your mind? Everyone thinks their minds run differently then people. When I say my mind is different I mean my mind is different cause some people do have the same things run through their head once or twice as someone else, but me I don't no one has ever had the same thing run through their head. I'm unpredictable but I guess the good thing about that is you don't know what I'm going to do next. I'm a fun girl I guess I don't know some people say I am I just don't believe it, but sometimes I'm embarrassing to either everyone or myself.

Everything has just been bothering me now I just don't know what to do except be thankful that I'm not as stressed as I was last week. I graduate May 15th... Excited!!!