Tuesday morning, I was in a really bad accident.
I was driving on the highway in the left lane, and the person in the right lane beside me started to move towards me, like he was changing lanes. I honked at him to stop, but he kept coming. So, I swerved into the grass area to avoid him, and that's when my car started flipping. I kept calling out Jesus's name.
The car flipped three times and landed with the driver's side up. I was buckled in and dangling from the driver's seat. I unbuckled my seatbelt and fell to the passenger's side. Luckily, there was a retired paramedic behind me and he stopped to help me. They busted open my sunroof and pulled me out. I was flown to the hospital.
Through all of this, I had no major injuries WHATSOEVER. I only obtained minor bruises and scratches, and I have whiplash right now.
This is by the grace of God.
I called on His name, and He protected me. The doctors, medics, and nurses all agreed. This was a miracle.
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There is no reason that I should have made it out of this alive, much less severely hurt.
I thank you, Lord, for your protection and blessing over my life. I will share my testimony.