I was hating men and he texted me. Its about 3am, i open the door and he hugs me. He smells of Versace, which is completely intoxicating. We had known one another Since i was a Senior in High School. We Embraced. He had the face of a man whom could be from the italian mafia. with a tattoo of a cross on his upper arm with roses and barb wire and his Lower arm Connecting to his wrist Chinese lettering. He would so Be my type If he did not smoke.His breath Smelled Fresh. He had just broken He had just broken up with this girl of two months which was fine in my book because i was not in search of a man or anything. So, i invited him in and asked him to have a seat on the couch.
He touches my Back, I smile and ask “Are you enjoying yourself there Sir” Giggled. He knew every place i wanted to be touched and some i Never even discussed. He remembered so much about me that i forgot i told him. He massaged my back and it felt alot better. His hands trailed down my body met my private part and he began to play in my wet spot. There was no need for d**k, the way he Bent me over and played with me. He twisted and turned his fingers in me, He pulled my hair and it made it more pleasurable. He choked me a little as he went deep and hard. Oh ********, i tried not to yell so loud but it was so perfect. We kissed passionately. i hit him in the face with my bra, tried to get up he pulls me back down kisses me more. My p***y is sore at this point. We go for more Rounds. I collapsed on his chest in his arms shaking. I try to speak and he kisses me mid Sentence. I Gaze in those sexy Brown eyes and get lost and Hypnotized in his stare. My feelings surprised me It was 5:30 am and sunrise was coming quickly. I questioned myself and feelings and this strange emotion after i kissed him goodbye and watched him walk away. I told myself after the richard fiasco “No More Cream’e or Milk” But i Couldn’t help but have a small attraction to whats bad. He denied sleep with me but it was fine.just what i needed. it was then that I figured that I wanted to be with him. But after that we lost touch and never spoke again. He had stolen from me and I still had a crush on him. I thought that he would change for me, that he strictly remembered me for me. I suppose I was incorrect. another one bit the dust at that point in time. but of course now he did not need to be in my life and I was foolish for trying to keep him in my life. I told myself I hated men and never again. I shook my head as I watched him and the sunrise along with him. I watched him drive away not aware that it was the last time I would see him