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Made this journal entry a bit late this year, but I've been having a bit of a creative block. I end up stuck with the same avi for months on end, even though I've been buying so many awesome items. Bleh...

User ImageUser Image< January: The starting item was Flightful Dream matched up with the obvious Parcel Post. There was a bit of red on the legs, so I included Aviary's Song's goggles. Then I added a whole bunch of other matching stuff the made it look sort of space-y.

> February: I wanted to use Pandy March without it being too cutesy. I originally went with the Street Ryder Boots for the checker pattern similar to Pandalita ribbons, but later removed the ribbons. The electric blue was then matched with other items. The Tamer of Blue Flames wig was added fairly late in the process, but I found it worked well with the punk-ish look.


User ImageUser Image< April: Just a remake of an avi that I made 2 years ago, with a few updates to incorporate new items. I stuck with the original for a month before updating it. This is one of my favourite avatars. She's so cute!

> June: Same thing, different hair. When Sweetheart Twin Tails was released I modified my avi. I ended up stuck with this for 3 months. During this time I made a bunch of outfits, but they're still in the wardrobe for touch-ups. I'm not satisfied with them yet.


User ImageUser Image< August: Started with Obsidian Titania Blouse, Evening Lotus and Princess Hanabi. The spirit from Dying Revenant aligned with the arms and red was added to match the hair clips on Spunky Mechanic's Fantastical Ponytail. She kinda matches the theme for the Spirit of the Summer event.

> September: I saw a cute combo of Long Risa Tails and Scholar hair, and used it here to make a knock-off Marionette hairstyle. I took elements from the original Marionettes (the corset and bustle) and used other items to remake the rest of the set.


User ImageUser Image< October: Yeah, just made this for the event and piled on all the Advocate items and a few other monochrome things. When I started it was only a bald black figure with a the skull tattoo and whatever Advocate items I'd scrounged up.

> November: The bangs from Not Tomorrow Morning blends with the Chime of Silence hair. Combined with the arms from Le Secret de Victorie it looks as if she's brushing her hair back. A few more items in that odd purple shade and that was it. I was considering covering her in blood for a more demonic theme...


User ImageUser Image< November: I wanted to use some of the monochrome items that I'd been buying. I started with Cutie Qi Luola, Not Tomorrow Morning, Tumbling Adorkable Bea and School Club Pride Scarves, adding some snow from Winter Defender for a more cold-weather feel. Even though she's wearing a light jacket and stockings...

> December: This avi had been sitting in my closet since March, but the theme of the event prompted me to finish it. I started with Deen's Potion and Honorable Arc and added more silver/dark blue/black items. I like the layering of Cupid Lips and Godina makeup, it makes the mouth much fuller.