There's this thing called a journal, and I should probably try to remember that.

Here's a list of things that are awesome about Korea:

1. The food
2. Public transportation
3. Kpop
4. The food
5. Fashionable men and women
6. Puppy cafes
7. The food
8. Cheap, fashionable clothing
9. Did I mention the food?
10. High quality cosmetics and skin care products

Here's a list of all the things that are repulsive about Korea:

1. Overreactions
2. Alcoholism
3. Forced dinners with coworkers and superiors
4. Animosity between Asian cultures
5. Obnoxious elderly who feel entitled to everything
6. The smell of roasting garbage in the summer time
7. Freezing winters
8. The smell of sewage in busy areas
9. Vanity
10. the treatment of animals

Just to name a few. Take the good and the bad. I would still live here if I could.