Feeling: Hungry! emotion_omnomnom
Listening to: Pachelbel - Canon in D

Yesterday, I left the college straight after my lectures.
Actually, I left Kilkenny altogether.

I'll be back next week! But this week, there were too many things going on, and I couldn't stay there any longer.

So here I am, back in Dublin, and awake before 9am even though I don't need to be.
Today, I plan to see a friend. Both for my sake and her's. Hello, codependency!

It's kinda funny, when I think about it.. I mean, being alone is hard, but it's not like having friends is easy either.

I'll probably have some more insights on that sometime later. Much, much later.

Anyway, so I'm here back in Dublin, and today, I'm feeling happy 3nodding

And oh, I've missed my dog! heart heart