I love Gaia it reminds me of when we first started the innocence the love how it was just you &I. And how we would go to rallys together and I would be something like a chicken and you would effortlessly be something so cool and watch me run around and embarrass myself you would sit next to me on your phone while I would be on the computer and you would smile from seeing me happy . You would look at me like nothing else mattered we would stay up to the next morning making friends and just making lame jokes . I was a nerd and you were to but we were in love and nothing else mattered ...but when we would go back to reality we would pretend to be more than what we really were .if I could go back I would tell you are the love of my life and I would never want that to end .But 3 years later we grew up and got distracted by money cars clothes and more and forgot where we came from and how happy we were without all that .I guess im reminiscing and wishing on a falling star that we didn't end the way we did . But stuff happens we grew up and 99/ precent of fairytales do not end in them staying together " . ♡ crying