Contention between two or more people can occur at any perceived slight. Sometimes this slight is complicated, and everyone is at fault. This is how many people would like to see it.

In some cases, though, one person is being extremely stupid. All it takes is one. And that's just the way it is.

Stupid is an ugly word. It really is. People get angrier at being called stupid than they do at being called assholes. If the world had a self-destruct button, it would be labeled as "Stupid". I'm sure Douglas Adams would agree.

No word has hurt more feelings and caused more grudges than "stupid".

But sometimes "stupid" is just a fact of life. People can be stupid. There is no better word for extremely dumb and illogical behavior. And, regrettably, some people wear "stupid" as a badge of honor. But for most of us, this word is a bowel-full of gut-wrenching affront.

But let's be fair about this.

Because stupid is as stupid does, and someday it's going to destroy the world.

But don't ignore the irony, either. This is a cautionary tale brought to you by the letter "&".