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Not A Daily Journal - Legacy
[Insert old rock music here] I s2g.. this damn description.. can never think what to write here
Dimi and Matt - Therapy
[7:29:29 PM] Kelsy: matt are u a therapist
[7:29:38 PM] Dimi: Dimi sits on a therapy chair
[7:30:05 PM] Dimi: I...I...I can see dead people <__<
[7:30:11 PM] EvilSir: I may be a therapist, if you so wish
[7:30:16 PM] EvilSir: ah, I see
[7:30:21 PM] EvilSir: and what do these dead people do?
[7:30:44 PM] Eder: Eder finally starts ML:A after listening to the OP for several times
[7:30:48 PM] Dimi: There is this "skLaFarebear" guy
I am pretty sure he was killed so many times
But he just keeps talking
I am slowly getting insane
[7:31:26 PM] EvilSir: Ah, I have met thsi guy you speak of
[7:31:40 PM] EvilSir: I personally call him Baka, but that is not the point
[7:31:42 PM] Dimi: So you can see dead people too ?
[7:31:54 PM] EvilSir: You see, he is dead in a figurative meaning
[7:32:05 PM] EvilSir: because he keeps getting ressurected
[7:32:12 PM] EvilSir: by having his face slapped by a p***s
[7:32:26 PM] EvilSir: quite spectacular, would you not say?
[7:32:38 PM] Eder: the Engrish in the begining of ML:A is so bad
[7:32:46 PM] Dimi: But but ... I know of this ritual
[7:32:50 PM] Dimi: It never happened to him
[7:33:00 PM] Dimi: So ... so .... so why is he still there
[7:33:08 PM] Dimi: Am I getting insane doc ?
[7:33:17 PM] EvilSir: No, he is the one insane
[7:33:31 PM] EvilSir: because he can not understand that he should move on
[7:33:38 PM] Dimi: I see
So I am not sick ?
[7:33:53 PM] EvilSir: Apart from you being a lolicon, I do not think so
[7:34:00 PM] Dimi: Oh yeah
[7:34:02 PM] Dimi: I was about
[7:34:11 PM] Dimi: to talk about those other illusions I get
[7:34:26 PM] Eder: [7:33 PM] Kelsy:

[7:34:41 PM] Dimi: I see ... little girls ... little girls everywhere
They ... call for me ... they .... DESIRE me .... I can´t stop them
[7:35:08 PM] EvilSir: Ah, but rapists are sure that the girls they assault desire them as well
[7:35:28 PM] EvilSir: How can you be sure that you are not the one wanting the girls and not the other way around?
[7:35:40 PM] Dimi: But ... I hear their voices
[7:35:44 PM] Dimi: I AM SURE OF IT
[7:35:51 PM] Dimi: Dimi breaks out of the therapist chair
[7:36:01 PM] Dimi: Dimi breathes heavily
[7:36:27 PM] EvilSir: If you are planning on jumping out of the window, do try and curl up into a ball
[7:36:36 PM] EvilSir: it should help you survive if you so desire
[7:37:03 PM] Dimi: But the little girls
[7:37:07 PM] Dimi: How will they live without me
[7:37:26 PM] EvilSir: Is there a possibility that they are dead as well?
[7:37:31 PM] Dimi: No
[7:37:41 PM] Dimi: They are alive
[7:37:56 PM] EvilSir: So is Baka and yet he is dead for you
[7:38:06 PM] EvilSir: the girls may be dead for me but alive for you
[7:38:22 PM] EvilSir: which would make your problem much more creepy
[7:38:22 PM] Dimi: No they are alive
I feed them regulary
[7:38:35 PM] EvilSir: I do not wish to know what you feed them
[7:38:50 PM] Dimi: Sliced bread with whatever they want
[7:38:53 PM] Dimi: some cornflakes
[7:39:00 PM] Dimi: Greek meals
[7:39:05 PM] Dimi: and a chilly dinner
[7:39:21 PM] EvilSir: Chilly as in cold or chilly as in spicy?
[7:39:48 PM] EvilSir: mmm, I could do with some Gyros right about now
[7:40:04 PM] Dimi: well cold
[7:40:08 PM] Kelsy: your guys convo is so funny im lauging so hard rn
[7:40:57 PM] Dimi: Good
[7:41:10 PM] Dimi: So Matt ... what should I do about those voices ?
[7:41:26 PM] EvilSir: Do headphones help?
[7:41:38 PM] Dimi: Sometimes yes, sometimes they don´t
[7:42:16 PM] EvilSir: I see, well, I would advise trying to ignore them and slowly pushing them out of your head by concentrating on something different
[7:42:33 PM] Dimi: I tried that already doc
They just keep returning to me
[7:42:37 PM] EvilSir: in time, you should be able to completely ignore them and gradually you will stop seeing and hearing them
[7:42:47 PM] EvilSir: You have to keep at it you see
[7:43:03 PM] Dimi: I held out for many weeks once but then they started rubbing their delicious flat chests against my crotch
[7:43:15 PM] Dimi: and bang the voices are back
[7:43:34 PM] EvilSir: Can you feel their touch?
[7:43:45 PM] Dimi: Yes
[7:43:53 PM] Eder: Muv Luv, why you keep raising questions instead of answering some?
[7:43:58 PM] Kelsy: Kelsy slaps edurp
[7:44:03 PM] Kelsy: shhhh
[7:44:10 PM] Dimi: And I also can feel the blow while they whisper into my ears
[7:44:43 PM] EvilSir: I am sorry but this sounds awfully similiar to a conversation I would be having with a haunting victim
[7:45:02 PM] Dimi: Oh my god doc
[7:45:14 PM] EvilSir: Depends
[7:45:22 PM] EvilSir: can anyone other than you see or hear them?
[7:45:28 PM] Dimi: yes
[7:45:33 PM] Dimi: they can see each other
[7:45:46 PM] Dimi: and some guys in uniforms always keep chasing after me after they see them
[7:46:26 PM] EvilSir: Do they blow whistles at you? And shout at you to stop?
[7:46:46 PM] Dimi: yeah
sometimes they even try to shoot me
[7:47:05 PM] Dimi: are they also haunting me ?
[7:47:47 PM] EvilSir: Well, going with the realistic view point, they are police officers who want to relocate them to a slightly better home, but I am sure the lolis would be able to visit you
[7:48:09 PM] EvilSir: if I shall go with the supernatural idea however, they may be angels of doom signaling your death
[7:48:10 PM] Dimi: So ... I should ... hand them over ?
[7:48:24 PM] Dimi: Or should I protect them myself
[7:48:36 PM] EvilSir: Hand them over and then quickly run get a lawyer
[7:48:41 PM] Dimi: I handed over one of them once and it kept returning to me
[7:48:52 PM] EvilSir: so he may help you get them back
[7:48:57 PM] Dimi: Since that day they are chasing me even more
[7:49:08 PM] EvilSir: Oh I can imagine
[7:49:31 PM] Dimi: Did the little girls that haunt me ... grew attached to me or something ?
[7:49:41 PM] EvilSir: as I said, get a lawyer, hand them over and sue the police officers for baseless attack
[7:50:14 PM] EvilSir: They may be extremely perverse little girls, and in some sense of the word you may be being haunted by them, but they are surely not ghosts or demons
[7:50:14 PM] Dimi: I might have also attacked them ...
[7:50:29 PM] Dimi: [7:51 PM] EvilSir:

<<< but they are surely not ghosts or demonsWhat a relief
[7:50:30 PM] EvilSir: that shall be written off as self defence
[7:50:41 PM] Dimi: So I am not crazy ?
[7:51:04 PM] EvilSir: No, you are certainly an unusual case but you are not crazy
[7:51:46 PM] Dimi: There was this one incident though. When the flat chest was rubbing against me ... I couln´t stop myself ... My Desire for the Little Girl was as high as their passionate screams for me
And then the beast inside me took over
[7:51:53 PM] EvilSir: I must be off sorry
[7:52:14 PM] Dimi: So is it normal to have a desire for young girls ?
[7:52:19 PM] Dimi: (cay matt)

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