There are time's when we fight, and time's when we argue,
Time's when all seem's lost and it seem's like I don't love you.
We do seem to have our differences, and we never really seem to fit,
But just so you know, I wish to say to you this:

As cliche's go, you are the Yang to my Yin, the core of my world.
You are my flame on a candle, that flickers so bright through the dark,
My gravity when I feel lost and want to float away from this world.
My energy boost when I can endure no more.

You mean more to me than you think, and more still when you try to guess,
You are everything I hoped to find, and everything I never knew I was looking for.
I hope to someday show you how much I really do care about you,
To someday show you how lost I would be without you.

You are my One and only, My other half of the puzzle.
You are my true love, my guidance for what's wrong and whats right.
You are my Everything, My inspiration for life.