(by Dylan K. aka me)

Wind uplifts the leaves from the barren ground
And they soar through the air
It’s not fair
They get to fly about wherever they please
While I’m stuck here, with nothing left to do but stare
Gaze upon them as the soar through the air
And do nothing but wonder
Wonder when I will be able to take my flight
Leave this wretched place of blight
Soar through the air once again
And regain my freedom that once had been
Leave these ruins of pain and sorrow
Maybe it will come tomorrow
I’ll be able to leave
I’ll set off into the air, and this pain will be reprieved

But tomorrow has yet to come
And I am full of doubt
I fear I’ll be stuck behind these iron bars forever, and there will be no way out
Tomorrow has yet to come
And until it does
There is no reason to hope for freedom because
Until tomorrow comes, I’ll be stuck behind these iron bars
These cold iron bars

The world seems so far away from here
But it’s only as far as I can see

I’ve seen the leaves travel far
So far away from me