Gaia derps:
It just occurred to me now how awesome the shrunken clothes in Buttons' Game are
don't talk to me about clown things
I love shrunken tuxedo on clown, I love Buttons, I love whoever Buttons' art mama is.
+Also, considering taking tomorrow to work on filks even though I'm the only one who'll like them, sometimes I should do things for me.
--Weather Gremlin: I can't help but feel like that comment about not liking the recent rainfall is directed at Gaians. cool ~;; Either way, THAT WAS REALLY FUN TO READ. <3
--Absolute Zero: THIS WAS ALSO REALLY FUN TO READ! GJ. And today was a cold snap where I live, so it hit home, hilariously enough.
*Gino x Gaia-tan, with Gaia-tan as a genkigal avatar of the goddess, I blame the GCD.
*Cygnus x Rosamund forbidden love 'cause they're both 2homo, I blame Puchiko

Life derps:
Final #1 went SURPRISINGLY WELL. Like I actually managed to finish my essay and questions on time this morning before we started, didn't ******** up my presentation too awfully badly, and professor took me aside afterwards and said I did a great job.
She told me she "could hear you doing these reports on NPR" (National Public Radio) (this is for my radio broadcasting class), I should definitely pursue voiceover (like I'm doing oejfdajfskl), I should offer to join the journalism portion of our college radio club and fill in there, she's definitely going to keep me around and see if I can do a variety program, my proposal for radio theatre will be highly considered and if it doesn't go through I can record literature to broadcast and do spots.
You know, the stuff I'm paying five hundred bucks for workshops and agency in over the summer. Career things.


Only stagecraft and costuming finals left, and to ask my advisor about getting math waived (and maybe meet with the transfer guy about disabilities to find out if I can even think about applying for transfer). Stagecraft I need to read the play and pick my proposal and topic. Costuming I need to move my fullest attention to now that radio is done, for the collage and essay, also try to work on my hat + pants and get the belts out of my convention packing to bring them back in for the fashion show.

And for conventions, I'm taking bad advice and signing myself up for my first Deathmatch. Need to do my Ludwig and Alicia wigs, see if I can alter the Alicia vest or gain weight back, start on Yuya, do Ludwig's uniform. Surprisingly confident about Ludwig's panel, no worries there, should pick the rest of my photoshoot-leading characters.
Will probably get my hair cut for Iwamine and use him too.
Iwamine on Sunday, Marik on Fri+Sat? Uhh. I dunno, maybe.