I really have no idea how to do this. I suppose this little journal thing is going to mainly consist of anything I discover or find interesting at the time. I briefly considered making this a sort of "Progress Report" of my days but I quickly realized that no one that would read this would care even remotely about my semi-daily life.
Rightfully so; that s**t would be boring.
Despite saying that, there likely will be more than a few entries in that fashion simply because if there weren't I'd likely have nothing to put in here at all.

Let's get to it.

At my friend's desire I'd started reading into the MBTI, or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. A seemingly simple test that revolves around four dichotomies to determine a person's outlook and how they perceive and handle things around them.
I'm basically giving the shorthand of all of this because I couldn't do it justice by actually going in-depth with the finer details, what with my limited knowledge on the subject, but the results seem to be scary accurate in some ways.
And I don't mean accurate in that "Oh it's so vague so it could apply to just about any situation" sort of sense.
I originally went into the test with that mindset, glossing over the questions as I would any other trite, but fun, little Facebook "Who are you from X show" quiz. But with the seemingly inconsequential 30 or so questions answered it pulled a series a letters I originally had no understanding of and so once again I continued my research.
I scored, pretty strongly as INTJ; which stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judging.
I didn't think much of it at the time but the more I read and began to analyze my actions and natural responses, the more I found the things clicking together. I even found myself analyzing my thought processes on HOW I came to these particular conclusions which, on top of apparently not being a normal thing, only made things add up more.

Further reading lead me to this... Review?
Once again, I went into it highly skeptical. And at first it seemed like an entirely pedantic self-fellation of the ego.
One of those "Here's how you are supposed to act around me so you don't offend me" things that you always ignore on an artists Tumblr page.
I typically don't consider myself to be some sort of high intellectual and I like to think I have a good reign on my emotions - I think I understand what I feel and why I feel it. While I can't really comment further on the intellectual part without being completely bias I looked more into the emotional spectrum about it.
Perhaps "understanding" and "knowing" are two different things in this case. I had found myself (especially recently) unable to comprehend that, past all logic, why I couldn't do something as simple as put a person out of my mind for a little bit. My argumentative nature escalating to the point of utter frustration for the both of us. Perhaps it is rather than understanding and dealing with emotion, I instead block it entirely when I don't understand it.
Which is when I made another discovery. I will. Debate. Anything.
It's like it's a part of my thought process. Everything needs to be tested and prodded for weakness before being accepted.
I don't know, I still have a lot to read and re-read before I can claim to have a decent grasp at anything and even then I doubt it'll be worthy of a follow-up.
Still, it's something I found interesting.
For now you can have these signs you are an INTJ
For a slightly more media-slathered and facebook-y 'explanation' of INTJ.
And this Test
For a variant of the test itself.

I think that makes for a good "first" REAL update in who knows how long.
Later for now.