There have been so many times where I could have just given up, and as tempting things feel sometimes, My love for you is entirely too strong to keep me from you.. 'til tha death of me, I am yours. My Queen. My Wife. I love you sooooooo ********' much, shawty.. you're my erryting. <3

❤ Paige Loves You ❤

Kylah you're the sweetest thing in the world. You are brash, strong, and offensive, but you are one of the most incredible people I know.
You put yourself through hell to help your friends and to take care of your family, who are not always appreciative of the work you put forth. You drive on the freeway, you give away the change in your pocket, you do whatever you can to help those around you and be a productive member of society despite how hard life can be.

You are absolutely an inspiration to me, because I know you work hard- and I know you try to keep your head up.

Remember when life gets tough that you have a friend here who absolutely loves you with all her heart, who can't wait to meet you and laugh with you, and who forever hopes to help you with whatever she can. When life gets tough, I'm here, and when you need someone to flirt and derp about with, I'm here. Whatever I can do for you, you tell me, woman.

When you have a stupid quest, or a silly thought, or a CeeBee post that has no responses- I'll be around to fix it, enjoy it, and share it.

❤ Paige is always here, cutie booty. ❤

This post is dedicated to my Boothang.

I know I haven't known you for long, but I am more than happy that we've met. We clicked instantly from the first time we've talked and you're super fun to converse with. I can tell you're very kind and caring and you're absolutely beautiful as well.

I will always be here for you whether you need me or not. I will always support you through everything and I am always rooting for you to live on and be happy.

Kylah is the most bombtastic babe in the world. C; I love her so much that I might steel her away from her hubby. Jk jk, maybe. e w e

I hope I will always be by your side and that you will never forget me. I truly do love you. - Sharra

Kylah, I've only known you online, but I feel like
I've known you personally for years. You've always been so
open about who you are and it's inspired me to be happier with
who I am. You've bettered my life in ways that you can't imagine
and we've never seen each other face to face. I think that speaks
volumes about your character.

You've given me a friendship that I not only wanted, but I needed.
If you ever need someone to talk to... or troll with, just call on me.
I love you, Nopsy. You're one of the greatest friends a girl could ask
for - and as long as you're happy, I'll be happy.

Love, love, love, love Dee <3