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Over everyone...
Apparently I just gave up on the last post. confused

Alas, saying that I am over everyone is a complete understatement.

I know after I graduated college, I fell into a slump where I had no desire to go out, meet new people, or attend social gatherings. That slump....still has remnants in my moods of recent times, but I have overcame it in a few scenarios, but as of late....I just don't want to be bothered by anyone

I went home two weeks ago because I was concerned about my mother. I remember the friday before, we had a conversation that was just so depressing. I hate having depressing conversations with my mother because I feel like we're going through similar pains. I don't really open up to her about my inner most feelings but when she does to me...I can always empathize and literally feel what she's saying.

All was well then, so I went home again for Easter. Khalia and I were trying to set it up since Mom called us both on three-way and asked if we were coming down and we both had to work. Well, I somehow ended up getting off at 3pm so I scooped Khalia and we hit it home. We arrived at 9pm and we all got in Mom's bed and caught up on Scandal. Mom ended up going to sleep but it was nice to have all three of us together. Khalia and I left around 10:30am the next morning.

Mom also wants to do Motown for Mother's Day. Honestly....I can't afford to put up $300-400 for another Motown Show. I wish I could, but I really can't. I mean....I could, but I really don't want to.

Which brings me to my next trip....

So St. Lucia was a bust. I mean, the living social voucher was a steal, however those flights are impossible. They averaged at $800 to fly to St. Lucia, who has the money for that? Seriously. So I'm trying to go to LA instead. Omar and Leo are going from June 5-9. James and I will be there from 6-10. To my chagrin, we're going to Six Flags that Friday, the 6th AND that same weekend is LA Pride, headlined by JHud this year (Ciara headlined it last year crying ). I reckon it should be a good time. I definitely need another trip, and lord knows I loved LA when I went last time so a return visit is necessary. After this trip I won't go anywhere else big for the rest of the summer. The next trip may or may not be Rio in mid-late September but who knows what life will give then.

I wouldn't mind stopping by World Pride Toronto in late June, but I really want someone to a) plan it and b) scoop me. xp I just always wanted to go to Toronto and what better excuse...but again, someone would have to a) plan it and b) scoop me.

This past weekend was Penn Relays/Black Pride/TU Alumni week and I didn't want to do anything. I just worked...went home...and went to sleep. Saw some pics on IG about TU and Penn, saw some flyers about Pride....I know a few people were in the area...I just. did. not. give. a ********. Derrick asked if I would go out with them, Brolin called and asked if I could go out...and I just....couldn't rofl Hell, even Rob went out with Bobby and they went to the movies. I guess that's how over everyone I am. Shyt, when Rob and I are on the phone for too long I get agitated....but for the record, I'm the least over him 3nodding

So I'm really trying to afford.....all of this...I want to buy this rock climbing voucher for $60 so Rob and I can do that in July. We're going to a hot air balloon festival in Ellicott City on May 16th. Mother's Day is on the 11th. And I still have to pay rent, utilities, student loans, and PF for May. Oh....and since I'm putting $200 towards Rob's Myrtle Beach trip...that's even more.

Ugh...Its looking like I won't be able to afford LA. But I do have $500 stashed to the side. I'm sure it'll work out after picking up a few shifts between now and then, but LA will be my last big hoorahhh until at LEAST my birthday. Trips to AC or Rohoebuth will have to do and I honestly can't pay for them.

In other news, I'm about to get fired from the Courtyard. I was late on Sunday. Scheduled for 7am and totally forgot to set my alarm. I knew I had to work too...I just forgot to set my alarm. I woke up, saw the sun...looked at the time and said "Shyt..." Ugh.

So I'm taking today to apply for jobs. It's just that applying for jobs is...just...soo...depressing. Getting caught up in the feelings of "I'm not qualified" or "they won't reach out to me" and similar sentiments. I mean, damn...I applied to a position at an organization where both my aunt and one of her friends that I met works...and I haven't heard a thing back yet. Seriously...

I've also been over Marlon and his shenanigans. I understand he's going through some things with identity theft and what have you, but I feel like he's not even making an effort at this point. I tried to come to a compromise where I come to DC for DK and he comes up to PHL for Tamar and he has yet to extend himself to be open to coming. I mean, the times I've come down just for him and haven't even seen my family and paying for his plane ticket to PR and he can't even come visit a birch...I just don't understand.

And that's probably why I'm over....everyone.

That's neither here nor there though. I just need to find a decent job...like...yesterday.

Love <3


Mood: Decent smile
Music: "Overloved" - Raven-Symone from This Is My Time

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