Ivarstead once more

Before we went back to the pilgrim of the 7000, I decided to go into Shroud hearth barrows, get to that treasure the dragon claw key lets us in, After sometime we finally reach the place at night, But since its not haunted what harm does it make to light up a couple of torches and look for this treasure. The place was like we left it before, and headed to the place where the door was, I made the right combination as the claw told me so, And the door opened like the previous door at Bleak Falls, Me and lydia continue inside, To make the story short, after dealing with the usual undead and traps from this type of catacombs the nord have, we finally reach a room with a flooded floor and lots of coffins around, As I entered lydia said she had a bad feeling about this place, She wasnt the only one, And as I gave a couple of steps foward 1 and 2 coffins open up letting out skeletons with their weapons, I remember my bow and arrow, were santified so some of this boney guys got my arrows instead of my blade, making them flee in sheer horor at the santified arrows.
IT was a barrage of undead coming once we took care of one another took its place,
after a heated battles and me using my bow more this time, we manage to defeat them and get a nice loot from all of them. we move a chamber deeper where ther eis a big chest infront of us and I take whatever I can from the chest, so this was the treasure...no Another Nord wall with the magical carvings, the whisper intesified as I get closer once more and there it goes again, the power goes into me and I can see the meaning of the carving "Kyne" just like the previous wall, I feel like I can this power is to control or subdue beast, Like it whispers to me the words that will make a grown bear turn into a cub and run away.

We get out of The catacomb and is day time now, we decided to head to riverwood for the exchange of goods that this place gave us, Finally I got enough money to buy myself a house in whiterun, So we decided to go there immediately, After dealing with the Steward of whiterun he gives me the keys to my new home, I take off some of the load off in there and get what I need, I sold some of my old weapons since the new ones I got from the last catacomb were better, I even got a beutiful new Dwarven Bow its not enchanted like the other buts alot more powerful, perfect against dragons, So I manage to do some trades and smithing in whiterun just to head back to Ivarstead,

On the way there just infront of helgen, there was a fray, 2 bands of people battling each other one were the stormcloaks, the people Ulfric Stormcloak leads, These are the nords and others that fight for Ulfric right to be king and the restate of the worship of Talos. The others were high elves in full elven armor, The battle ended with the Elves beating the Stormcloaks, I walk over to them and ask what was happening but, the Elves look down on me and said this was not of my business and I was interfering, I was just trying to understand what happen when one of the elves attack me with flames, This trigger Lydia into an attack wich made the ohter guy I was talking to attack lydia, Another battle ensue and ended rather fast, We stood victorious, all I gather from the guy his a Thalmor Justicier, it was all I knew of the Elven man. Should of keep his partner in check,
We continue towards Ivarstead and now up to the 7000 steps.

The 7000 steps once again

the second time up those steps was alot more easier than the first, I believe it was my sickness that made the path up there the more difficult, not to mention the fact there was more wolves and spiders about, It would seem this time around we clean up all those little nuisances, For up till the emblem where we saw the troll we were not stop by neither wolve or spider. Could it be also the fact that I have grown powerful over the beast, hmmm it was something I was wondering as I went up, Finally I saw the crack where the troll was, he was on top of that rock formation we saw him last time, I shoot an arrow and put on my OF spell, he got to see me and I was ready for him, Lydia was more than ready, I let my wolf familiar get him first as well as lydia, then I came around to burn him with my magic spell of flames, The creature was angry and took out my wolf familiar next, I pull out my scorching greatsword,

The sword with the fire enchantment I got from Trevor`s watch, This came in handy as my magicka depleded and Lydia was down, I finally slash at his back 3 times for him to turn around and come after me so that Lydia would recover, I started to back up and back up till I hit him with my thu um , The shout of Unrelenting to stun him, Once more I hit him with the sword and he went down, but he wasnt out yet, So with all my might I muster one final deadly blow on the fiend, The sword pierce his chest and I felt his heart pierced too and go up a flames through the enchanted steel of this blade, Finally the damn monster was down. I help Lydia up and she said she was fine, I gave her a potion just in case and we continue.
The path up to the temple was a smooth sail afterwards, we got enough time to read the emblems without introduction, the place was so cold and the wind was stronger than I have ever felt. This was the highest mountain in all of Skyrim alright, I took a moment to enjoy the view and continue on my quest.
Finally there it was the temple, I could see infront of this last steps where the chest for offerigns where, and around it was alot of offerings to the monks, sacks of salt, little mountain flowers and medicine, maybe for reverance or alchemy purposes they were laid there. So I went up the steps and I hear Lydia one step behind me, Then I decided it was time for us to part ways,
They were not the type to talk and they only called for the dragonborn, She did not complain and went down the path towards our new home, And so I enter the Greybeards temple.