In the many yet not so many years of a life lived yet not lived, few see whats really coming.
The inevitable fate that awaits all liveing things, the silent shadow that walks our pleasent yet not so pleasent planet.
This Walker of Shadows is a menacing yet peacful soul, known to to masses as Death, yet known to me as rest.
In many places does the Walker stride silently doing to morbide task given to its being from some almighty deity of power.
Only does the Walker enjoy such a life in in despair does it so live, yet if it lives does not Death die.
Does a new Walker arise at the death of an old, only to sink into an eternal despair and hate the many beings that it devours.
This being is not friend nor foe to any, but yet is the enemy of all and at the same time our greatest ally, or so do some believe.
We do not believe the Walker as a being of purpose, but as a being of fear and therefore run do we from its steps.
Yet as we rest and think of plans tomorrow the Walker strides through our open lives and guides us in the path of the dead.
And so is the life of the Walker of Shadows.