Let me ask a simple question: Do you believe in fate, destiny, or the ability to never change if so then read this because it migth change your opinion on the matter. If not then at least you read it and now have somethig to think about.

In this plane of existence we human, lowly of the the celestial standard, are not but pawns. To some this is the thoughts that they have percieved and therefore do nothing unless predetermined. But, what if those thoughts are wrong, what if we are strong, what if we have control. Then what does the pawn do but become the King in their own realm. A realm of that person's mind, that beomes the basis for the beginning of seeing. Bu, to possess such sight is deadly, not only to the person, but, to those around such a being become endangered. With great power comes the terrible curse of controling it, not only for your own benefit but for those around who you wish to keep safe. Because remember those closest to you are the ones to be struck down first, they will suffer the curse before the world, and you will have to live with that regret. Bt, is it worth it to live as a believer of Destiny or will you rise up and claim or everlasting Freedom of mind. That is a question only you can answer.