I see you in my days as a light that shines, not just for me but for all whom need that light.
You hold a place in my heart that none have ever touched before, therefore you hold it alone.
Through my eyes i see both an angel, yet i see a demon, but stop me will it, the answer is simple: no.
I have chosen to love you even though you do not know, I have given my heart to you but you do not see, I have shown friendship, but I am afraid to confess how I really feel.
To you I wish I could show my feelings, but with cowardice do I walk, I do nothing but watch you in my silent reservoir, hoping to be notice, but in vain.
I have waited, and even courted others in my wait, but you still do not fully realize the passion burning in me.
But, as I stand with another I think only of you, and how it could be, but no one is to blame but myself, for my fear of your rejection stay my hand, and stray my voice from the words so wished to be spoken.
Yet i tell those who read this to not judge me on this account, for have not all wished yet feared what they desire, if so then you know of that which I speak.
To feel you so close yet knowing i cannot summon the courage to ask but a simple question, destroys me, yet to know that you return my friendship will sustain me for now.
To the love whom doesn't know my love, I wish these words and hope one day to find the courage to speak these simple but powerful words, they are as such: I Love You.