To be apart of this world shows many things, a suffering known to few yet shared by many is but one example of the torture we place our human bodies.
We as humans are fragile yet we constantly put ourselves on the edge of pain only to eventually reach our limits.
As such a human I have had my shared of serious shame, of pain known by many, but understood by few, those who have seen, suffered, and understood this pain are truly strong of heart and should walk knowing such.
To be one of the chosen few to see be through the eyes of pain and yet not be burned by its icy flames are with the utmost respect and have power beyond that of the normal human, whether it be super natural abilities or just an unrivaled loyalty to the one they are compelled against all odds to love.
To show his ability or to prove such things is one of the hardest problems that such a person will face, yet if they succeed it is an honor that will never die within the heart.
But, for those who try and fail suffering is only increased through the eye, and the soul is lost and condemned to pain unless redemption s met, but to obtain redemption is unclear for none have succeeded in such a trial of faith in your own mind.
These trials are of the mind so therefore are difficult for the sufferer but who truly knows but those who have failed to se the world as it is.