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Oh sh*t, I'm gonna be late! And it's all that bus's fault! Stupid driver passing out randomly. Damn that motherf*cker. When I reached home, I found mom and dad on the couch facing me and they did not have the slightest amusement written on their faces. F*ck, I'm screwed.

Mom started it with, “Do you know what time it is now, Naechollai?” I'll be damned; she used my full name. I shook my head no. “My phone's battery died and I don't have a watch. I'm sorry, mom and dad.”

Even when I'm doing the most heartfelt apology ever, dad's face looked furious as his ears began to turn red. One, two, three, fo—

“Young woman! It's almost 11! Did it not occur to you to check the clocks in other buildings? You didn't even have the decency to go to a convenience store and contact us. This is why I never wanted you to join cheerleading. You don't even have potential to be one,” he spat. I know I'm not a good cheerleader but atleast I have the dedication! I'm not like those cheerleaders who use practice as a reason to their parents when the truth is they're snogging with their boyfriends. I practice because I love the sport if it's considered as one.

I looked at him dead in the eye, “I know, I'm sorry I haven't thought of that. I was on my way home and rode the bus but the driver passed out and I had to save all the other passengers by taking over. Good thing, there was a passenger who knew how to drive so he took the wheels instead after my outburst there.”

Both mom and dad softened their expressions. Mom uttered, “Oh honey, I knew we should've taught you how to drive. Your dad already bought a car for you weeks ago. We were supposed to surprise you now.”

Dad took over, “Surprise surprise, I guess? Anyway, we'll enroll you in a driving school and it will only take a week. After that, we'll get your driving license. Good enough for you?”

I nodded my head, “Yep. Thanks.” My dad's rich and my mom's family is rich too. But I don't get it why they only thought of that now. Well, whatever. The only spoiled brats around here are my younger and older sister. They have drivers while I took the initiative to tell my parents that I can commute and live independently. My twin brother and I are think alike and he lives in an apartment near our school. He said he wanted to try living alone and stuff. I couldn't bring myself to do that because I love my parents too much. That's what pulled me into commuting as well. I don't want to trouble them and double our expenses. My sisters don't even like sharing cars and drivers so go figure.

I walked up to my room and closed the door. I just wish I can meet Esint again and hopefully, I know how to drive by then.

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