Tran and his child, Iris, has arrived to the high School just an hour early as the excitement of Iris is kinda overwhelms her father; Parking the car in front of the school's parking lot the bubbly and bouncy brunette jolts out of the car with such speed that Tran didn't realize she was gone till he looked over on the passenger seat.

Seeing his child running at the Huge building that seems more like a factory, but without the chimneys of metal, and all around the school is a steel fencing to prevent unwanted guests that will harm the students in any way, shape, and form.

Before Iris travel to the steps of her high school on this fine sunny day, her neck turns around a bit, for her eye to see the loving parent, encouraging her to move on, as she made a wave good-bye she head up to the big building.

Hearing the car starting up as Tran heads back to home Iris takes a few steps at the big building, It looks like a castle that Tran told a story about, Looking around the steps then around her she takes a deep breath to calm herself down. Opening her lips to speak, "I might of got here too early.. but... at last I'm in high-school! I have waited for so long~!".

Chirped her cheery voice as her skirt moves a little from the spring breeze; her arms move her hands onto her chest as her fingers intertwine with each other. "Daddy...", Making a praying like stance, "Thank you.." resuming her form she takes a step on the stairs as her hand hold-onto the rail that's for support.

While climbing up to the window doors she hears some cars coming in, other students, as they also coming up the stairs. Mumbling and chatting from these students as they walk past her and opening the door Some wave at her as they walk up these stairs and others, seem like they're older than her, just simply ignored her and keep going.

She sighed and forgot that her father drove her at the school an hour early but out of the sounds of common chatter and hub-bub she heard a familiar voice.. Can it be?! A girl that seems to be a grade above Iris's own walks from the crowd as she's wearing a different type of uniform.

This girl walked like she's a princess, graceful and balanced, as her ember colored hair along with her movements with her gleaming jade-green eyes shine a bit from the spring sun.

Unlike Iris's Pony-tail hair, this girl's hair fully flows behind her as it's at her mid-back, a ring with an silver cross embedded into it with an blue jewel in the middle. The ring sways from her neck as it seems like some-sort importance to her.

The girl standing beside Iris looks like an full grown teen as her high-school uniform seems similar but the only difference is that her skirt is white with a blue top. As Iris has a light tan, the other student has a flawless white skin that makes her seem holy, in Iris's eyes at least, as it has a soft glow around it.

The two girls Hugged each other out of joy of being reunited, In the embrace Iris speaks, "Isabell! How long has it been!", and with the reply Isabella's eyes look into her childhood friend's eyes and smile an lovely smile to Iris, "It's been a while, Is, we haven't seen each other after congrats from Grade school", Looking over Iris's body to see how the two grew differently, "It seems that you have barely grown an inch the last time I saw you Is".

Isabelle's soften tone chuckled as Iris chuckled with her poorly at the comment. After the embrace has past the two girls start to chatter about their childhood for a little while but then Iris's eye seen a figure moving that seems so familiar, A boy with blue hair and some-sort of glasses looking into a book, but she ignored him as the School bell start to ring.

Chapter one: Done.