your eyes so beautiful..your soul so kind..
the touch of a Venus..the scent of a angel..
your lips so soft..your touch so gentle..
when the sun shine above the sun..
your smile so bright reminds me of the stars in the night.
the kiss we breath taking..the smile you pass me..
reminds me there is a tomorrow..the frown you settle for when i must go..
reminds me of the pain in my chest..when im all alone..
the hugs we share..the smiles we exchanged..
the looks of our eyes to one another..
yet we notice not..of what one another hold with in..
thou shall notice when the time is right..
the sun and the moon...both shine above you..
may the grace of the moon shine on thee and let though breath another day,
when we met my heart stoped slightly..
enough for me to notice..the time is here and the time is now.