General Information
Name: Yeb-Toghr
Alias or Nickname: Yeb, The Great Change
Apparent Age: 25
Physical Age: N/A
Birthdate: N/A
Current Residence: N/A
Birth Place: N/A
Hometown: N/A
Belief/Religion: Atheist
Titles/Honorifics: God, Sir, Father, Governor, others.
Profession: Wanderer and magician.
Hobby: Magic
Species: Great Old One
Subspecies: Yeb-Toghr

Physical Characteristics

Human Form
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: Shaggy deep blue-green hair.
Eyes ( Right/Left ): Green rather old for his apparent age.
Skin: Pale and under extremely close inspection slightly green-tinged. He glows in the dark.
Handedness: Ambidextrous and can write with his feet.
Birthmarks: A tattoo on his lower back, along his spine, which is a twisting and curving tentacle.
Scars: None
Tattoos: None.

True Form
Height: Functionally gaseous
Weight: Functionally zero pounds.
Hair: None
Eyes ( Right/Left ): Green and vibrant
Skin: Appears as a hovering mass of fluid and smoke of a green/blue hue. Shifting between the two.
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Birthmarks: None
Scars: None
Tattoos: None

Basic Description:
When in his human form, he is just under average height, well-muscled, but skinny, and keep himself clothed in loose fitting things that have lots of hidden holes and pockets. He walks quietly, stealthily, and is quick when he needs to be, though not inhumanly so, and he walks with a hint of a strut. He leads his gait with his mouth.

Allergic to a number of medications.

Visual Description:


Blood Type: AB+
Blood Pressure: Normal

[ For all intents and purposes, he appears to be an ordinary human being. Until he demonstrates that he isn't, physiologically, he's genetically a human being. ]

Usually keeps some kind of hat on him. As well as an assortment of knives and other bladed weapons for his magic shows. Keeps some money as well. Usually enough to get by, though he usually has to find more if he stays around for more than a few days.

Most Prized Possession:

[ A Tumbler ]
Type: Magic item
Origin: Something he picked up back home~
Description: Appears to be a green-glass tumbler.
Function: Can scoop up solid matter as if it were sand. The denser the substance, the more difficult to scoop up.

[ An MP3 Player ]
Type: Mundane Item
Origin: Stolen maybe? He doesn't remember. It's not even his music.
Description: Black MP3 player with a headphone jack. Has two earbuds, though the left one is broken and plays the music like a speaker.
Function: Playing music.

[ Knives ]
Type: Ordinary
Origin: Unremarkable.
Description: Simply knives of various makes. He has eight in total, each one a different variety of standard knife. He has a paring knife, a chopping knife, a filleting knife, a butter knife, a bread knife, a cleaver, a steak knife, and a shaving knife. He keeps each sharp to a razor's edge.
Function: Cutting things and magic. They are not weapons.


Early: Yeb-Toghr's early life was not very surprising for his kind, though his interest in tricks and pranks was. He was eventually resented for this sort of behavior, but his peers soon got over it, as he wasn't around them very long. Old Ones are fairly solitary.

Midlife/Crisis/Trauma: He became disillusioned with the politics of the grander Old One society after a point, though he never speaks of what specifically, and left to forge his own path, an action which the Old Ones equated with others more well known by the Cthulhu Mythos.

Current: Wandering around the mortal realm, dabbling in minor magic and trying to fit in. He does an admirable job, and understands, more or less, what's going on, though the reasons for some things are a mystery to him on occasion.


He's optimistic, unforgiving when seriously crossed, slow to anger, and thoughtful. Reticent when speaking on subjects he's not familiar with. He is very forward and honest, though quite willing to be deceptive when the subject is himself, his goals, or ways to reach his goals. He is an active manipulator, and lies frequently. He is open about his profession, and often jokes about being 'a god' though he mocks the possibility of those existing.

Exploration of the way people work. Pushing the boundaries of thought and the limits of consciousness, etc. Exploring the concept of time for those constrained by it more than he. Discovering the variety of life.

Fears: Death, the unknown, pain.

Powers and Skills:

[ Correct yourself! ]
Type: Active power
Origin: Yeb-Toghr Special
Description: Prolonged contact with Yeb's true self will plant the seeds in conscious beings to change their form to be more like his. This usually manifests as a shift in hue towards blue and green, and occasionally the manifestation of tentacles. Other changes are more random, and harder to predict. Seldom utilized.

[ This isn't even my true form! ]
Type: Active
Origin: Yeb-Toghr Special
Description: Because he is wearing a human disguise, Yeb-Toghr can shirk it. While his true form is active, he takes no damage from physical attacks, but can't harm anything else. As well, the longer he stays in his true form, the harder it is for him to even stay in the mortal realm. He does this very seldomly, and only ever to save his own life.

[ The Eye of Yeb-Toghr ]
Type: Passive
Origin: Yeb-Toghr's Special
Description: A standard result of his influence as well, for most, this is a wild thing, difficult to control and manage, and frequently inconvenient unless completely ignored. For Yeb, it's like being able to cheat at vision. He can see from angles he wouldn't normally be able to see from. When in human form, this effect is limited to his immediate vicinity, when in his true form, it is unfettered by distance or plane of existence. The huge amount of information provided in this state is managed by trueformyeb in the form of him simply limiting his vision to things he's specifically interested in. More importantly, in human mode, it allows him to track targets much more easily, provided he has influence on them.

[ The Ocean Within ]
Type: Active
Origin: Yeb-Toghr Special
Description: Yeb can bring bits of his 'realm' into this one through his body, effectively conjuring a viscous and dense liquid of a deep green color. It has to come through him, of course, so this requires a certain amount of bodily compliance, and his preferred method is through either weeping, or through drooling/vomiting it. Within the liquid, there are shadows which dance a bit, and it appears it is full of life, though nothing actually exists inside. Breathing is unimpeded in any way by this fluid.

[ Oceanhome ]
Type: Passive
Origin: Old One
Description: Yeb is more at home in liquid. This means he's able to move faster (than he would on land), see further, smell better, breathe easier, hear better, and even recover from injury quicker as long as he is immersed in a liquid. The liquid is unimportant, but water or his own realm's liquid is most effective, with diminishing returns among other liquids.

[ Ocean's Edge ]
Type: Active
Origin: Old One
Description: An ability innately connected to The Ocean Within and Oceanhome, Yeb can use his own liquid as a weapon, allowing him to create weapons from it. Generally, he creates a pair of khopesh. Being liquid, they are difficult to block, but are hard to block with in turn.

[ Metadeceptive ]
Type: Passive
Origin: Yeb-Toghr Original
Description: Every single detail in any piece of information about Yeb-Toghr has no reliability as factual or reliable, including in this document. Yeb-Toghr is subject to change, and this document is not as reliably fluid. Tough break, Spooks.