Things to start questing gold for (sigh):

    Ruined Souls 2nd Gen.
    Hoarfrost Pass 2nd Gen.
    Moira's Fashion Flashback 2nd Gen.
    Peyokon 2nd. Gen
    Emerald Dream 8th Gen.
    Deen's Potion 2nd. Gen
    Firefly's Flame 2nd. Gen
    Haute Modena 2nd Gen.
    Monstrosity 2nd Gen. ty minghii!!
    Aria Dannata 8th Gen.
    Volant Reverie 2nd Gen.
    Seven Day Love 2nd Gen.
    Casual Style for Men
    Adamant Vault 2nd Gen.
    Splitting Hairs
    Hardhearted 2nd Gen.
    Amethyst Spiked Wings
    Spinel Flourish Wings
    Spellbound Enchantress
    Dragonslayer Quest Bundle
    Adventurer's Legend
    [Animal] King of the Playground
    [Animal] Sweet Sailor
    [Animal] Tiny Bright Eyes
    [Animal] Strawberry Social
    Optical Illusion 2
    Doe-Eyed Darling
    Deer John
    Endeering Picnic Bundle
    Do or Dye
    Midnight Conductor
    Hell's Mistress
    Guardians of the Damned Bundle
    P.S. the Mail Cat
    Xing Express
    Messenger Mimi
    You've Got Mail Bundle
    Medical Angel Nyanko
    Collectible Illusion
    Super Prize 2013
    Josephine the Cheetah
    Goldie the Flapper
    Dapper Bootlegger
    Somber Speakeasy Bundle

I'm not a bad person, am I? Monstrosity, at least.... I've been trying to get past the halfway mark for since it premiered. And since it completed. And I've been a gross failurebaby about it, essentially.
And 1920's stuff, [Animal] stuff, the hair and eye rigs, Mail bundle, VOLANT REVERIE WHICH I MADE MY TOP PRIORITY AND ALSO HAVEN'T GOTTEN...
I'm sad. Why not just get rid of things I don't want. Or at least keep the things I care most deeply for. crying Also, why does the MP perennially suck.