So, it's I'm having such an "awesome" semester so far. Ever had your grade hanging by a thread? Well I'm a bit worse off. I missed one assignment in one of my college classes and it dropped me to below below and if I manage to get 90 to 100% on basically all of my assignment I'll managed to have above seventy, just barely. That's not even accounting the other things I have to do for the rest of my classes and I only a less than a month to keep up. So, yup, my thread is fraying. crying

Anyhow, I'm really digging my hole here but such as it is I've found a way to play my favorite PS2 games among others that I never managed to get whee . Let's not count that I got all the DS games and PSP, not even mentioning the PS1 games, free to play all I want. Terrible isn't it? rolleyes The closest up-to-date gaming system and games I have is the 3DS, very lucky on that part. If I had a 360, PS4 or the just-come-out systems then I'd be in really bad luck on restraint.

Then there's the kindle. It's extremely hard for me not to buy books that are just a click away. I held on as long as possible without buying books 'cause I didn't go to the bookstore but the kindle just killed all my self-restraint. So it's a wonder that I'm having the time of my life keeping up with my college classes sweatdrop

Well, my fault entirely. Gotta smack the back of my head to get back into the game. Je n'aime pas travaille !