I got you
I don't need anything but you
I always love everything about you
I've got everything, I've got you
I don't have anything more than you
I laugh most with you
I don't need nothing more than you
I am never alone with you
I am so happy with you
I am never sad around you
I am crazy about you

I lost you
I lost everything I had in you
I loved too much and broke you
I hate this way I'm without you
I hate never talking with you
I never get to hug you
I never get to kiss you
I'll never tell you that I love you

I'll always love you
I'll always think of you
I'll always find dreams of you
I'll always be crying over you
I'll always fail at getting over you
I'll love you, for now and forever.

I'll try to be cool with it.
I'll try to make it easy
I'll try.

I'll try.