Kicking the rain and watching the puddles grow
Erasing, cutting, pasting and always running
You're still here, I'm still alone
It seems that life is ironic, dumb and lonely
I'm coming for you, because I adore
But I can't stay, you're keeping me away
You're keeping me away

Did I let you know?
Would you like to go?
Take me home
Where the people know
How to love, how to live
I just want to escape and find a nice place
A warm place, a place full of grass and space
Full of space to live and learn and grow
And to be happy
That would be nice
To be happy

I like the sound of your articulations
I don't despise you, at all
You showed me love without the trust and mutual things
You showed me love, a weird love; a one sided love
A sad love where I'm the only who loses
A sad place, a place shot the my number one
Because happiness wants company
I'll be yours if you let me
And I want you to let me
I don't know though
I don't know if I love you any more
I can't dare to say it now

Make time for love and for happiness
Invent your self, invent something nice
Say something pointless and say something cool
Try to find a person who understands your pain
So that you're not alone
And start jumping if you have something to say.
Move on, be strong and keep it up like no other can