Kaito slowly walked over towards the three; ignoring the screams that were coming from Rin and the Preist. This had to be the far most powerful energy coming from Kaito. So much to the point Mikuo can feel it- "You there, Solar demon." I heard a stern yet calm feminine voice call me from behind.

Me and Konton turned around to see three angels floating before us. I was about to fly Mikuo down until the one with green-hair spoke us again. "We're not here to fight you four. We were sent down to heal the boy before he dies. ... Despite becoming face to face with demons, we must apologize for our late arrival." Her eyebrows furrowed as her and the other two bowed to us.

"You three are far from the word, `late'! Thanks to us, we're putting an end to this fool once and for all! -" "And this is why the dark will never get along with the light!" Konton snapped at them until the blonde angel interrupted her. "Now if you'll excuse us, we must hurry. You can do us the favor by retrieving the boys body. We simply can't do it ourselves or else we'll get attacked by your friend there." He then pointed down towards Kaito.

I was shocked to see Gakupo make his way down there and grab Len's body. He must have snuck off without any of us paying attention, but my positive outlook on the Shadow demon changed once he launched the boy's body our way.

Once the Angel's caught Len, we all turned our attentions back to the action done on the floor.

Rin jumped in front of the man and held out a sacred card; trying to protect the Priest. Placing his pail fingers on top of her head, he pushed her out the way strong to the point she was sent flying, head first into a nearby tree. A mixture of skull fragments, blood, and brain pieces splattered all over the tree bark and onto the Priest. He watched in horror as the body began to twitch. The head was crushed so fast to the point her body is still alive.

All was silent until we heard Kaito began to hum softly. It was his favorite sound. ... The traditional Sakura tune. "Oh such a sin. The torture should match up to this sin." He sung his words in the same tune as he gently placed his hand on the man's face.

The brunette cried and begged Kaito to let him go free, but he simply ignored that man once he laid his other hand on the back of neck. Speaking once more, a deep demonic grumble followed each word for when he said, "Sorry ... I'm all out of mercy" "Gaaah!" Right when Kaito said that; he stuck his claws in his flesh and pulled out his spine.

Bringing the bone up to his face, he stuck his tongue out and took one long lick across the spine. Just tasting the thick blood.

The Priests body layed the in a growing puddle of blood. We all listened to him cry and whimper in unimaginable pain. `Hell, I'd do the same if I was in his position too.' I thought to myself.

(Heh...hehehe s.f.x.) When we thought it was over, Kaito began to do his weird laughs again. Within a second he pulled his arm back and cracked the spine back down on the open wound on the Priest. Blood began to spurt out everywhere as he used his spine as a whip. "I'm going to make you suffer! I'll teach you for touching the boy! Hah!" We all could smell the mans life shortening by the second. His body can't handle the pain.

The brunettes eyes began to flutter rapidly. His life was slipping beneath him and Kaito was very aware of this.

"Come and get this bastards soul! " He called out. The ground cracked open to reveal the tunnel to hell. Arms stretched out to grab both his and Rin's body; just dragging them down with them. "Look" He frowed to the two of them."This teaches you not to f*ck with the likes of me. " He lastly said as the creatures pulled them in quickly.