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Melanie's Super Secret Diary *~*~*
You stumble upon a pink diary. Well, it used to be pink. It appears someone scrawled all over it with a black Sharpie some time ago. You can still make out some of the sparkles. And, of course, it's locked shut with one of those cheap locks.
Entry 001
This is AWFUL! Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad, and Max too...

Andy's asleep now, on one of the cheap-a** motel beds. I can't believe we have to sleep here for the night, I swear there's cockroaches everywhere.

Sorry if I sound... y'know, prissy. I just... I can't believe today happened.

Let me back up. Mom and Dad homeschooled me, Max and Andy. We usually studied in the basement, because we could practice magic without being seen by the neighbors. Well, today we were all downstairs for the first time in a while. (Mom or Dad usually worked in the study, but they were both down there today.)

Well, apparently today was a bad day to do that, because we heard someone break into the house. Mom and Dad told us to stay downstairs while they went to check it out. After a few minutes of total silence, Max said he'd go check it out.

Then... then there was the gunshot.

Max and Andy sprinted up the stairs, and I followed them. Max went up first, yelling and shouting about how he was going to kill them, and then he just let out this long scream. I guess he saw Mom and Dad. Then there were more gunshots, and then Andy ran at them brandishing a broom and...

I ran. I was scared. I ran and I called 911, and I just yelled. Then the robbers tried to catch me, but I was too fast. I think I remember seeing Andy passed out on the floor of the kitchen, but maybe I'm not remembering things right. (He did say he had been knocked out, though.)

Well, sirens finally sounded on the street, so the guys bailed. I don't know if the men were caught today, but I don't care.

Max... Max is dead. Mom is dead. Dad is dead. The police held me and Andy, questioned us for a while. While they were talking to Andy I slipped back upstairs and stole Mom's jewelry. Some of the books in the study, too. I felt like we'd need them. Then Andy and I bailed before the police could haul us to social services. We sold the jewelry (we probably got ripped off, but who cares) and spent some of the cash we got on a motel room for the night.

I... I'm scared. I don't know what we're going to do.

There's one other thing I got. When I was a little kid, Mom used to wear this really nice heeled boots. I always thought they were pretty and she promised I could wear them when I got older.

I'm not quite big enough for them now, but maybe in a year I'll be. It's my only memento of Mama.

...I wish today had never happened.

I wish none of this had ever happened...

Melanie Dickinson
Community Member
Melanie Dickinson
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  • [04/23/14 06:27pm]

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