It appears we're out on the streets.

Those men... I'll never forgive them. Never. I'll kill them. They killed Max, nearly killed Melanie.

I felt so useless. They just... threw me aside. Melanie saw the entire thing, and meanwhile I was knocked out. If only I could have impaired them, distracted them long enough for Max to run.

But Max... Max can't run anymore. Max is dead. Melanie said the robbers only left because she had managed to call the police.

Speaking of the police, they want to put me and Mel in a foster home, but to hell with that. I'm 17, and Mel is 15. We're old enough to take care of ourselves. We'll do side jobs, work on the street, keep ourselves fed until we find somewhere more permanent to stay. Mom didn't have any siblings, and Dad's brother died in a car crash just four months ago. We have nowhere to go.

Well, at least Melanie's looking on the bright side of things. She's been saying how this is a good opportunity to hone our magic power. Mom and Dad never taught us offensive magic, but Melanie managed to steal several grimoires from their study while the police were investigating. (How she did it, I'll never know, but it's impressive. I didn't even know it was possible for someone to get in and out that fast.)

Melanie also raided Mom's jewelry dresser. The robbers apparently didn't get very far in robbing, because a lot of it was still there. We can sell it to keep ourselves going for a bit, and then we'll work. We'll work and we'll study and we'll do whatever it takes to stay alive.

I'll do whatever it takes to keep Mel safe.

Never again.

Never again...