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/: Felix :/

/: Male :/

/: 17 :/

/: 5 pous 1 orthodōron :/

/: 3 talents :/

/: Faun :/

/: Thief :/

A thousand treasures, a thousand relics, a thousand rewards. I am the acolyte of ten thousand pickpockets, ten thousand burglars, ten thousand highwaymen, ten thousand midnighters. I am the shade within a shadow. The soft breath hiding behind the rush of the cold night air. With hands as steady and many times more deft than a surgeon, no lock is insurmountable. No trap can bar my passage. There is no fortress that I can't find purchase. With gentle whispers and slight of hand, I open all doors. No dungeon can hold me, no dungeon has ever held me. I am smoke, I am the apparition on a wall, I am the myth sung of by forlorn lords and shouted by their guards, I am the thief.

- Felix

/: The Thief's Honor :/

"Only harm those that can afford it."

Robbing a man of his body, or faculties is a sin only permissible when they are directly impeding your goal and only when they are charged with the task. If you take from the defenseless merchant, you do not break his hands. If you must take from the lord, you break his guard's hands. Buried in all but those with the strongest fortitude is a Craven. Take hold of this foul specter, bring it forth through the threat of violence and allow it to permeate through their spirit. A wise man can disarm a hundred foes without wetting his blade or breaking a bone.

"Murder is forbidden."

There is no greater transgression than stealing the life of another. In body, or mind both acts are beyond redemption. With the Teacher's song now a mere whisper, there is nothing more monstrous than taking a life. Oblivion is the one and only finality in this world - so long as the next remains beyond our reach. One day the Teacher will call every man, woman, and child back to his Great Work but until that wondrous day the cutthroat remains the most despised of all men.

"To steal is agency, to return is redemption."

The act of theft gives one's struggle purchase against the world. Every theft is an impression left. Every burglary, another wave lapping against time's infinite shore. It is our actions that give agency to many more than just ourselves. We are not scribes left in solitude. We are physical philosophers that move others with our own decisions. Eventually a man may be called upon to redeem himself, and the act of returning his gains is that redemption. Nothing more may be asked of him, and should more be taken from him, then the sin lies with those who took it. This is how we maintain our honor.

"Freedom forever."

Capture is to be avoided. If captured, resistance must be employed. Resist until freedom can once again be acquired. Freedom is the default state of every being. It is against the nature of a man to be put into bondage, and it is in our nature to struggle against those bonds. Be they corporeal or ethereal - a man must endeavor to escape from all prisons... even those he does not realize himself to be in.

"Lying is our vitae."

To others, a lie is horrible, but to the thief, a lie is sustenance. A lie allows men access to things that would otherwise be beyond him. A lie can shelter a man against the cold. A lie can give a man food and clothes to wear. A lie can give a man a bit of coin. A lie can give a man his life back. A lie can start a family. A lie can acquire a man skills and experience. Eventually all lies can become truth. A lie is only a lie so long as just one man participates it in it, but convince a crowd to take part and now they too share the burden of your lie. They will become your aegis against those seeking to unmask you.

/: A Thousand Faces :/

The Faun are a bipedal race of humanoid whose morphology vaguely resembles that of a satyr (or goat). They possess scant amounts of fur on their body, primarily the chest (in the case of males), face (in the case of males), and head. They have no tails. Males have horns but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their size or exact shape, though they almost always are characterized by being featureless and pointed. Some curl, others don't. Some are long, others are small nubs. None of them are antlers.

They possess long faces with broad, flat noses erupting from the rest of their soft features. Like the unrelated mythical creatures, Faun have eyes set directly into the front of their heads. A goat, sheep, and other prey animals normally have their eyes set into the sides of their heads to maximize their field of view. Despite this fact, Faun though mirror the more typical humanoid species of fictional works. Though it should be mentioned they have kept the general eye structure. Their square irises endow Fauns with a staggeringly wide field of view, practically double that of a human. Not only that but unlike those who posses round iris, this square structure gives them full 3D vision even along the periphery of their vision. If that wasn't already enough, a Faun can see quite well in the dark. There is a few flaws in their sight though, such as a lackluster color recognition.

Each Faun also has a pair of independent, articulating ears. They can hear and differentiate between sounds better than the average human and have a higher range of sound that they can hear. This includes high-frequency noises. Their powerful eyesight and powerful hearing combined make Faun almost impossible to sneak up on. You can imagine then that for a Faun to be a successful thief, they must be either brazen or peerless. Either skewing towards ruthlessness or guile. Felix has been trained specifically to leave no tracks, go without alerting a soul, and stealthy steal his prize, but more on this later. A Faun's sense of touch, taste, and smell are about as good as a human's.

Your average Faun is rather short by human standards. With the tallest being around Felix's own height (5'8" wink , but they are rather heavy creatures. Particularly the men. Felix is actually rather thin and lithe due to this training and career as a thief pushing towards that body type. Still - he weighs almost two hundred pounds. They do not posses inverted legs or any of that nonsense, anatomically these are mostly humanoid beings. Aesthetically though, Felix has a dapple pattern on his skin. You can see where the colors change and differentiate on whatever fur he has. A good analogy to what his skin looks like is oil on water. Rather pale white in some parts, and rust red in others, with splotches of black here and there.

Along Felix's abdomen is the transcribed words of a page. Each letter has been methodically burned into the flesh, the charred black ink standing out like a tattoo. The words are incomprehensible to all but a few in his lands. He possesses no piercings, or ornaments, or marks of penance. What scars he has are from battle, accident, roughhousing and so on, not ornamental like many other Faun sport along their faces and bodies. He even lacks the brand of subservience that is quite common on males his age. For human standards, 17 may seem quite young but for Faun that's well into the age of adulthood. Faun are quite long lived, but they do grow fast. Felix is still in that stage where he's an adult, who isn't recognized as an adult by those around him.

Felix almost never wears armor of any kind. The most he'll wear cuir bouilli layered with steel or iron, some heavy gloves or gauntlets, soft soled boots, and a buff coat. He is not beyond wearing other uniforms, but usually he will only do so when required in order to keep up a cover, or in order to grab a certain mark. His usual accouterments include a telescoping quarterstaff, a leather pack full of inconspicuous burglary equipment (he stores additional emergency kit on his person), and a lute with an intentionally lengthened neck.

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/: The Faun System :/

Magic is equal parts meditation and objective. As the student learns how to control his every thought and actions through meditation, the more control he can exert over these supernatural forces. The Faun System is built upon an absence of distraction and a singular serenity achieved by the self. Although this is merely the hand that guides the key. The key to unleashing the magic called upon is done through a series of rituals and sacrifice. Simpler versions of spells can be committed with few rites and less preparation, but to unleash the true power of magic one must commit a great deal of effort to the cause. Take care though, one cannot simply know the methodology behind the spell or have complete command of his body and expect successful outcomes. If one of these is left to wither, if proper mental care is not exercised, or the improper rites are followed: there can and will be disastrous consequences.

The source of all magic is unknown to all but the Teacher. It was through his divine wisdom that the first magical systems were forged into creation. Of which the Faun System is by far the most effective but very few capable of practicing it exist, and few still know the methods required. Those that do jealously guard their knowledge out of fear of having it stolen away from them. This greed is compounded by the jealously of users from other systems unable to command such feats. With the ongoing drought in magic, this is an even more terrifying time to be alive if you can conjure spells out of the ether.

Felix is capable of using the Faun system, as he is a Faun, though it is not a "natural" occurrence. His magical ability is limited to the single page of knowledge burnt into his body. Through those blackened scratches, Felix has some skill in mending bodies. He cannot heal a fatal wound, but he can regenerate broken bones, heal injured organs, expel some diseases, close up cuts and stabs, and so on. This may appear to be a powerful skill, but it tires him quickly and his mentor fears that it may even drain his life; as a result of Felix using his body as the conduit from which these spells are activated.

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/: Faun Physiology :/

The Faun are a strong race. Despite their diminutive size, they can overpower a much larger man. They're not much faster than a person, but they can leap several stories in a single bound and know their way around cliffs (or cities) with preternatural knowledge. They can seemingly defy gravity at times with the way they scale structures. As mentioned before, the Faun also have wonderful eyesight. They are neither smarter, nor dumber than your average man. And their hearing is second to none. They are also vegetarians, their diets unable to handle anything made of meat.

/: A Thief's Equipment :/

Telescopic Quarterstaff