~By Oshana Tutak

I walk past you
I hear you breathe
The stares I feel
When you look at me

Wondering why I get these chills
Or the bones chattering on my back
You tell me I'm kind and beautiful
Were you talking to the person behind me?
You must be joking,
I'm shameful
No one talks to me

The path laid before my spirit
Is left by my demise
Can you see the voyage
I'm set to acquire?

Apparently in the eyes of others
The road is paved in Ice
I hear them guide me
Constantly I fall
They complain I don't try hard enough
That if I sit there I'll be worthless
All I notice is life and death
Why can't I see
Your visions of me?

People before you
Have plans for my body
Not even considering
My own dreams of what life would be
If the sockets weren't empty
I could actually believe
What life could be

Accountants and game designers
Auto body mechanics and Technicians
These are all professions
Of my delusional cousins
To review my actions
My clueless progressions

Without money
I'm hopeless
Without providing
I'm worthless
Why can't you understand?
Without love
I'm already dead...


So keep your money
I want to be happy
Keep your ideals
I want isolation
Can't I just have the love
Of feeling free?

The fear of labels
Is enough to upset me
The greed of people
Is enough to disgust me
The whole vision of being successful by greed
Is enough to divert me

You keep trying to change
My very image of reality
I sit here in my chair
Holding on to my very own eternity
Lessons from the inner mind I set free

The reason I no longer believe
Is because I'm my own being
If you are so perfect
Then why?

Why can't I see?