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The Life of a Squirrel
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Whisper (story)
I have to write a short story about any word for my British lit class. I am not good at writing stories so if you have any suggestions or comments please comment below or pm me. I will improve it and add onto it if I feel like it.

Yay my teacher gave me a 100%, an A, on this story! blaugh (even though I did turn it in a little late lol)

Thanks to Kage-Taisen Twilight for helping me with the story.


Definition: speak very softly using one's breath without one's vocal cords, especially for the sake of privacy

Once upon a time there was a guy people called Whisper. He lived in a hidden cave, filled with treasure, deep in the woods away from the town. People would venture into the forest and look for it. They would hear the Whisper talk to himself as the wind passed them. He would say these chants, that no one would understand.
One day a boy named Jack decided to pursue this treasure. He found a sacred map a few days ago that he believed would lead him to the cave. He packed his bags and said goodbye to his friends from the town. He headed into the forest thinking about how many people got lost in the forest or went insane from hearing all the whispering as he looked at the map; This map coming from one of the people that came back, insane but sure of the map he had made. Some say the whispers get louder as you get close to the cave. Jack put the map down and continued to search for the cave chopping some vines out of the way until he almost got caught in a spider web. He was spotted and almost attacked by a tiger while he walked through the lush green forest until he started to hear the whispers, even the tiger knew his place and avoided the Whisper. Jack paused, frightened by such a soft sound and looked around to find the direction of this strange sound. The rest of the forest was hushed, silent as the faint whispers of wind that brushed against his cheek as if the words were landing on him. Jack was tired from so much walking making senses weak, he could swear the whispering was getting louder. He started to panic. He wanted to give up. He wanted to leave the forest before he went crazy or worse. But no, he couldn't. He had to find the treasure. He pulled himself together, studied the map, and started walking again. The whispers were indeed getting louder. then he spotted them...and he spotted them... those that didn't come back; the crazed lost people from the town that went looking for the treasure. Jack turned away from the sight and soon came to a cave that was white with moss and tiny holes at the top of it. The sound of the whispers made it difficult for Jack to think, his head pounded and his muscles ached from going so far. Jack struggled to find the entrance of the cave then noticed a brown door on the side of the cave that opened easily. He stepped inside the cave and everything went dead silent. Then an old man appeared in front of Jack. "Welcome Jack, I am Whisper and you have found my secret cave" He said in a soft voice, like the one that scared the tiger and been with the boy since then. "This is my treasure as an award for your bravery" Whisper disappeared into a cloud of smoke going out through the holes in the ceiling of the cave and a silver treasure chest with smoke swirling around it appeared in front of Jack, He took the chest back home and everyone thought he was crazy, like the other people who sought out the chest, for certain when he first appeared until they saw the chest. Jack opened the chest in front of everyone, and they saw it was full of gems. Jack shared the treasure with everyone and at the bottom of the chest was a message, "Silence is golden but a whisper is priceless." Jack read the note that turned into smoke after her was done reading it. Exhausted from his journey, Jack went home and slept.


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