As I was walking my way from choir practice to my ride home, I pondered something peculiar.

I always speed through the hallways of my school. I don't have a mental disorder that forces me to. It's not only out of habit, but is heavily influenced by my conscious will.

Today, though I was in no immediate rush to leave the vicinity, I was blurring past the empty corridors. I noticed something while passing. A vending machine I don't use was now offering Coca Cola. I'm not a huge fan of the drink, but it was strange to see a carbonated soft drink being sold in a vending machine. It's been an incredibly long time since I last experienced the sight.

I paused, just briefly, to look back and the vending machine which was several feet behind me at the time. I turned my head forward and saw three figures approaching my direction. To avoid confrontation, I continued speed walking down the hall.

"Hi, Lucia!" I heard.

I stopped.

I turned.

A familiar face! It was someone I knew! It took a while, but I called out his name, which will henceforth be referred to as Pleasant Goof for the sake of privacy.

"Pleasant Goof!" I call out. Well, I actually said his name, but I'm not allowing myself to mention the names of certain people in my journals.

"Yeah?" he returns my cry.

"I know your name!" I probably put too much excitement in my voice, but I was pretty pumped. After all, Pleasant Goof was someone I met only a short while ago. I don't tend to remember names and faces that quickly.

That was that.

But the whole thing go me thinking, what else could I have missed while racing between my classrooms? What else have I passed by but completely ignored in my own life?

Anyways, I have a ton of homework to attend. I'm leaving for a school trip tomorrow and I'm psyched! I'm going to attempt an all-nighter to get done the school work needed to be completed before leaving. Toodle-loos, dear readers!

Oh, and have a go at guessing the artist and song title to these lyrics:
You got some kinda hold on me
You're all wrapped up in mystery
So wild so free so far from me
You're all I want, my fantasy

This song's not at all relevant to anything happening in my life right now. I just thought it was catchy, haha. Anyhow, bye byes~! Until next time! yum_puddi