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💕 A Daydreamer's Diary 💭
Welcome to the world of me.
My Grunnies
(YES. I am giving my grunnies names and personalities. Stfu. It's just a little something I thought of doing just for fun.)

Name: Cookie

Color: Pink

Counterpart: Dough

Personality: Cookie is the most hyper out of all the grunnies, and also the most adventurous. She often leads the grunnies along on her crazy exploits, and even when things seem hopeless, Cookie never gives up.

She's a very stubborn thing, though, and doesn't like to be told that she's wrong. So she does everything in her power to make sure that, whenever she plans out a crazy scheme, everything goes right.

Likes: Cookies, of course! How else do you think she got her name?

Dislikes: Carrots. Actually, any vegetables in general.

Quote: "Smell that, grunnies? That's the scent of an adventure!"


Name: Dough

Color: Lavender

Counterpart: Cookie

Personality: Dough is a lot calmer and more relaxed than her pink and hyper counterpart. Thus, she's able to think rationally before she just dives into a situation. Or at least, she'd prefer to do that. But because she's always trying to keep Cookie in line, she really doesn't have a choice in the matter.

Dough is also a very intelligent grunny, and the only one out of all of them that can read just about anything. But because she always spends a lot of time thinking things over, Cookie often has to remind her to stop and have some fun every once and awhile.

Likes: Books. She's such a bookworm grunny!

Dislikes: Messes. She prefers to keep everything neat and tidy.

Quote: "I wonder what would happen if we all stayed OUT of trouble, for once."


Name: Angel

Color: White

Counterpart: Luci (Lucifer)

Personality: Angel is the living definition of the words "shy" and "skittish." She doesn't like to be surrounded by too many people, and chaotic situations frighten her. She doesn't talk much and when she does, it's always in a very soft voice.

More than anything, Angel wishes that she could get over her shyness and be more fearless like Cookie or confidant like Buttercup. But whenever her friends need advice, she's always there to offer it. And it's for that reason that they love her just the way she is.

Likes: Flowers. Flower fields and gardens are Angel's personal heaven!

Dislikes: Dogs. They're so loud and big and scary and...and...Eep! *Hides*

Quote: "I-I think that...It's better to say just enough when the time calls for it."


Name: Luci (Lucifer)

Color: Black

Counterpart: Angel

Personality: Lucifer (Luci for short) is the most mischievous out of all the grunnies. He loves to play pranks and test limits, even when it might be a little dangerous. Also, like Cookie, he hates to be proven wrong and so the two of them are often highly competitive with each other in just about everything.

Oddly enough, though, Angel seems to be the only one that can calm him down, only one that he refuses to play a prank on. The other grunnies suspect that Luci might just have a crush on their shy and timid friend, but since Angel seems oblivious to this fact, Luci continues to loudly deny it.

Likes: Spiders. They're so cool to look at! And plus they're great for pranks, hehehe.

Dislikes: Heights. It's Luci's one and only fear.

Quote: "Trick or treat, huh? Well to me, tricks ARE treats!"


Name: Clover

Color: Light Green

Counterpart: Buttercup

Personality: If there's one thing this grunny loves it's sports, sports and more sports! Clover is always fired up and ready to play! And because she often spends so much time outdoors, she's definitely not afraid to get gritty and dirty when the time comes for it.

Clover refuses to walk away from something that she starts, and she often thinks that she can handle anything and everything. But her best friend Buttercup, although they both have a lot of disagreements, always makes sure that she doesn't bite off more than she can chew.

Likes: The outdoors! There's nothing like some fresh air and sunshine to make a grunny feel nice and energized!

Dislikes: Sleeping. There's too much to do and so many awesome games to play!

Quote: "Buttercup, it's just MUD. It's not gonna kill ya."


Name: Buttercup

Color: Gold

Counterpart: Clover

Personality: The picture of grace and style, Buttercup is the most elegant of them all, and she definitely knows it. She has quite the eye for detail, and she likes everything to be picture perfect.

Unlike her sporty best friend Clover, you won't see Buttercup even go NEAR anything icky or dirty unless she absolutely has to. Always so prim and proper, Buttercup often needs to be reminded that, while it's okay to be a bit of a perfectionist, friendship and fun should always come first.

Likes: Jewels, gems and the like. There's nothing quite as captivating as a diamond!

Dislikes: Rain. It ruins her perfectly groomed fur!

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