I'm currently cosplaying as Professor Galvez from Metal Gear Peacewalker. So I have a female avatar because I'm a girl, but I'm cosplaying as a boy. My avatar wears a business suit, a long trench, a robot arm, and short grey hair.

I'm trying to make friends on Gaia, so I went into Towns 2. This one person called me a fegget. He didn't even spell it right! I guess he called me that because I have a girl avatar dressed as a boy. I guess I could change my avatar's gender, but I am very femme in real life, so I want to keep a female avatar, even though it's cosplaying as a boy. What a mean, hateful person. I could probably report him, but he ran off too fast after he called me that, so I didn't get his name. Hateful and a coward. Isn't that the way it usually is?