To the Western Tower. Yes Im alive still
I left my journal in the table of the jarl to be picked up if I was not back. [[ i died 2 times.]]
There I follow Irileth straight out of Dragonsreach, I m nervous and wanting to just run the other way but at the same my warrior spirit tells me to follow her more. Outside the captain of the guards tells me that his boys will protect me, thats reasuring, if it wasnt a dragon were going against. I lolligag for a moment and follow the dark elf to the gate of Whiterun, seems like she is just inform the guards of whats up with the dragon and they are more nervous as I am, I said even scare.

I hope we got enough arrows and a catapult, however something is totally different than before, the sky, is not like when Helgen was attack infact is a lovely day, I listen for the roar of the dragon but nothing. maybe the worse is over. And now Irileth is giving a pep talk to her men, It seems she hit on their Nord pride as she said are you gonna let me battle this dragon alone? And so our little Anti dragon squad goes to the western tower.

we reach the Western toward, smoke and shambles like its to be expected, Strange I was the first to get there, am I insane. they have no idea how it was in helgen, and yet here I am looking for that hell again. I must of have been hypnotize by the speech of the darkelve Irileth. Look for survivors, she commands, a rescue mission totally hero mode on. I go on everyone is drawing their sword, well if there is survivors maybe mercy kills are necessary. I pull out my orchis dagger and my sparks spells ready to shoot in case the dragon shows up again, hope not.

But the dragon did came back. Irileth said make every arrow count and so I do, I went inside the tower and went straight upwards, this move was stupid or brilliant, I was safe from the fire from the dragon and I was able to get a good advantage point on the dragon as it was below me for a moment, attacking the other below, 1 shot 2 shots, the dragon notices me, it flies pass me and then turns back to aim his fire at me, I am burned and jump down the stairs, pain but Im alive.

Adrenaline kicked into overdrive, every second an eternity and I go up the steps once more, the dragon is on the other side landing. Yes stay below me you oversize gecko, I get to the vantage point.
s**t Im dead, I slip from the top of the tower, I dont know if it was the shake of the earth as the dragon landed or my own dumb a** sliping. Some how I land and grab hold of the edge of one of the holes the dragon made, Im dangling on the side of the tower for a second, I jump back inside the tower, I laugh as I m still alive, I go then down stairs, One guard at the arch of the door shooting his arrows at the creature,
A barrage of arrows at the beast, even when its down on the ground and it seems to be working, I see blood on the head of this beast. I get more confident and my Enchanted sword I got from the Undead guarding is drawn my sparks drawn as well, I will get this dragon, I will cut off its wings and slay it, become Kenji the giant stomper and dragon slayer.

The battle was ferocious and I almost died, I was burn, but I used this oak flesh spell to reduce my burns, the healing spell as well to not have permanent damage, Alas I was the only one with those 2 things in tandem, so there was a couple of casualties, there already was whlie we were looking for surivors, I did that cat and mouse chase with the dragon, once more going up the tower, then going down attacking it from the side and using my other team mates as bait while I finally attack it from the tail to give it teh final blow, But as the dragon collapse something Magical happen,
Words cant quite describe the feeling of what I was experiencing, I was taking the power of the dragon into my own and so the very soul of this one enter me, like the power at the Bleak Falls,

The Nord guards said the could not believe it adn they called me Dragonborn, apparently I can Shout without training now, I could shout all my life I dont see the difference, they ask me to shout, So I did, but then I remember the word of the power in Bleak falls, Just like that I used this Shout and a tremendous force like the undead guardian came out of me, But just with Fus, The guards all were even more surprise, he really is dragon born, by Ysmir that was a shout, The Thu um he summoned The Thu um, Just like Tiber Septim, I never hear of Timber Septim slaying a dragon " of course not there werent any dragons back then they only show up back this time," more rabble and then Irileth took charge of the rable and order me to go back to the jarl,

but I would of swear I hear the dragon cursse me or somethign as I finally slay it he said a word, But I feel good, I went down the road towards white run, just then I hear something rolling down the tallest mountain like thunder, "Duvahkinn " I think it said, Alot of strange, indescribable things have happen to me this day.
The weird doesnt stop, as I was just in the whiterun stables, a courier kid comes with a letter from a "Friend" some anonymous person knows that Im the dragon born and wants me to grow, tells me there is a place in s Ancient Ancent where a power can be unlocked only by a dragonborn, Time to go in and talk to the Jarl.