my First Bounty and on the road to Whiterun

Well, I finish my preparations for my road ahead, I checked the map as to know where its what and what is closer to what. To make things short, Whiterun is closer to the bandit camp where my bounty is. Seems like that Jarl audition will come in first, After all the dragon could swoop in at anytime and turn Whiterun into a new Helgen...maybe I should go back and visit Helgen after Im done here, or at least after my bandit camp bounty adventure.
I change from my novice magic regular clothes to my leather armor for traveling, I decided to take Sven away from the inn and his drum to become my follower on the road to the keep of Whiterun. Why not? after all Im doing this for his house, wont it make more sense to come with a local after all. On the way to Whiterun, I seem to have make the right choice as 2 wolves attack us on the path, Im no surprise at all, this damn wolves of Skyrim are as ferocious as the one back home, if not more daring, 1 attacks me right in front of a shack, Yes the smell of the dead in that place may of made him come, But to attack travelers in a path like that, wow they sure are daring, but this one was not alone, as I discover soon after disposing of my wolf, A second one came from behind and Sven got him. Somehow I did not saw where the arrow came from in position to him, but I would of swear Sven curved the trajectory of his shot to come from up the hill path down a corner to hit the wolf behind me. Maybe I should join this Bard college he went to up in Solitude.
Hmm, Kenji the a ring to it, learn of history, know how to play and instrument, chicks love a hero that could protect them and serenade them. Then obviously I would be the most desire man on skyrim. What is this? ahead on the road, a cow? and a farmer, but why is this so odd you may ask? Well the cow looks like its got odd writting, The farmer warns me to stay away I ask why? Then comes the explanation that makes bit of sense, Apparently he is on his way to a Giant camp, not as in a huge campsite, but a campsite of giants. no much surprise there, we had a man that was part giant in the temple training school, I never been close to one, to think one got to a maiden and impregnat her well, horny giants I would stay the ******** away from. Back to the farmer, he explains me he will be offering the cow as a peace offering of sorts to the giants, so they dont mess with his livestuck. Its a tradition that is been almost forgotten, since now it falls into superstition. Seems like when the Nords of Skyrim are developing a stronger mind and getting rid of their dark ages way, there is always one fellow that still holds true to his old values.

Sven and I look at each other and shrug that, I asked if he has ever seen a giant, he told me there is several giant Camps across the land of Skyrim, interesting, I may actually see one this time and not a half ling. I offered my help to the farmer but he politely refuse, good. I still have to get to white run which I can now see at the distance. Quite the beautiful sight from where we were standing, The place is pure plains just to be interrupted by small mountain hill where Whiterun`s keep wall surrounds the town. Below the wall, lots of farm surround it. But what stands up is its stature and height, on top of that small mountain is the Jarl`s keep, its a lovely structure of Nord architecture, one that obviously looks like has stand the pass of time for generations. I take a breath and continue on the path passing a meadery and towards the little stream below whiterun`s wall, A Nimrot plant, Glowing and making that sound, but its white, thats odd color for this plant, Seems like skyrim snow may of turn it white perhaps. even though this place is not covered in snow now,
I get the plant and resume my travel just to hear sounds of battle and by Gorge I could see the battle from a mile away, its a Giant, This fellow is battling people inside a farm outside whiterun, I see the attackers but I aim for the Giant, Obviously a giant attacking the far. 1 2 3 5 arrows and he still wont budge, I go with my blade and another arrow and the damn thing finally falls to the blade of one of the people he was fighting, Wow my first giant slay, it was a team effort but there it is, I grab some arrows I used on the giant back from his carcass when I hear a female voice telling me I handle myself well against the giant.

I turn around and I see a redheaded hottie with facepaint and lots of cleavage in front of me, I got distracted by what her breast were saying to me for a moment, then back to her eyes before this warrior woman gouge them out for staring, I did not even notice that one of the people fighting the giant was a female this beatiful, I Saw one big fellow of muscular built and heavy armor with a giant sword and a giant and some other 2 people fighting the thing. I was too distracted with my bow aiming at the head of the giant and or his body as to not hit the fellow using his greatsword on him, OH yeah Sven was there too, but like me he keep his distance using his archery skills on the giant. But I jumped in the frail at one point,
So she explains to me that I would make a Fine shield brother, I have no idea what this Shield brother means but perhaps it means that I ll be part of a Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistic Division. But she simply explains that The Companions, is a group that takes care of a problem if the coin is good, Sounds like my kind of job, helping people dealing with problems, be a hero and get paid too, Thats awesome, plus I get to see this hottie too, sing me up, "Can I join you?" I utter this words, I should of said how do I join your club, she may of think I was hitting on her or I was subconsciously flirting with this beauty, by the Daedra prince she is a rough goddess, I can tell she is beutiful behind that war paint, and she is not afraid to show she is female, unlike the military or the empire people do to their female warriors,

I get the info that I have to talk to some Whitemane old man in Jorvaster, He will look me in the eyes and tell me my worth, if I can join. Seems like simple yet tremendously unfair type of test to join. I turn my back and there I see another one, Another female warrior this one in hide armor, a small bit of war paint on her lower lip and just as pretty as the redhead, she is dark haired, more modest than the previous one, with a nice rack too, and poutty kissable lips, as well as really hypnotic eyes, She was fighting a giant too? so only 1 brawly fellow and 2 female warriors to take on a giant, these girls are toughter than those female warriors back home. So 2 hot babes in the Companions, hmm, they probably have a special someone in there,
as they left I get a nice view of Skyrim`s assest and natural beauty, I ask their name

Aela The Huntress and the other one simply Ria, Then the dude said his name I dont care bro,
Seems like Sven was checking on the giant once more and the farmer look at the whole thing happen from a safe distance behind his windmill. Was I the only one that saw those hotties, and yet they are here looking at a huge half naked dude, They may be pillowbiters.
I follow the Companions and get to Chat alittle more with the last one, Ria, she and I strike alittle conversation about The Companions, told me she wanted to join em since she was a little girl, and makes alittle fun of me for not knowing who they are, telling me if I live with Horkers, Nah Im just from Highrock

But I m finally just a rock throw away from whiterun and I ask Sven if he knew where this Jorvas,...whatever. the Companions place is, he told me within Whiterun, ooh excellent, I cant wait to get that adventure started.