Tourdas 3am.

Its too cold to sleep, I m heading towards Riverwood, I slide down the mountain hoping to not sprain my ankle down there, I was rather further down and away from Riverwood than I expected, I was on the opposite end of this too, somehow I made it all the way around. On the way I met a nice old lady name Anise, she had a cabin in the middle of nowhere in this forest, She seem happy to have me visit her even if it was this late and for so little time, Poor old nice lady, I finally make it to Riverwood exhausted, I need a bed, I have enough money to rent one at the inn but Rolof ` sister`s place is free, so I may as well head there, G night Skyrim, They are looking at me strange for writting this late

Tourdas 10am
woke up feeling rested, gotta fix myself some breakfast and go sell the extra weight and loot I got from Bleak Falls place. I spoke to the Riverwood family they told me that the undead I saw were called Drough or something like that. It did seem kinda dry after all, Back outside to Riverwood, I sold my loot, somehow I feel like this blacksmith is bending me over, since Im new in town and skyrim after all, I still manage to buy some new boots, forge myself a leather armor which is stronger than the fur armor I took from the thief up in the mountain, light armor that is stronger that the iron one I also took from the catacombs. Well Im looking fresh and clean, time to make the Riverwood Traders a visit,

the Valerios siblings both were happy I return their golden claw. Mission accomplished, I said this after Valeria said that its a fine day with me around. Very well. This is what a Hero must feel like after a job well done, The pay was nice too, 400 gold. hmmm gold looks good now, Im not greedy but I do need this gold to turn into food and potions for my trip to Whiterun. But first I should go ahead and try to get provisions and perhaps check on the inn see if there is any more hero work to do in Riverwood.
Well rumors have it that there is a kid that is trying to contact the dark brotherhood, Yeah assassins, I dont know, maybe just a bit of teenage angst spew with some rumors, Surely the kid will be fine. Its probably just a screen to not be messed with him, moving on, I spoke to the inn keeper since I belive the rumors are not a valid source of info, for now, But he did say that Jarl`s men, I guess a Jarl is what this part call a duke or a lord, perhaps a king or khal Anywhoo the Jarl`s men brough a bounty on the head of the bandit leader...ah more bandits, I guess collecting bounties on these guys are what I ll be best. I guess I can incapacitate them while I capture their leader.
The tread to whiterun awaits still, and while getting familiar with my second Skyrim town of Riverwood, I hear something that slightly surprises me, Camila has a fan club, it would seem the wood elf and the "bard" of the inn are both after that imperial cutie...aah alas, I m a gentleman so with bit of bitter taste, I renounce my chance at this true love, But what seem more interesting is that after talking with the elf for some archery classes, wich after hearing his fee I said no way jose, the Elf started to tell me all his feelings bout Camila and ask me to use some trickery against Sven,

He wanted me to deliver a letter to Camilla saying it was from Sven, No I m probably gonna sound like a snitch but if something I know of, is when jealousy and a well written letter can change someone`s life. I opted to tell Sven about this plot, he decided to turn the tables on the cunning elf, of course he made the letter sound like it came from the elf, it was his own pensmanship after all. Sure I ll give it to Camilla,
I hate coming between lovers, but this is sorta for good, I dont know I dont feel too comfortable in this lovers quest... this is more of a youth school than hero work.
I had to sorta lie to Camila about this letter, It was not completely false it was written by Foulde, or however you call this elf guy, with minor alterations from Sven,
I m thinking Camilla wont be spending time with the elve, And as my reward I gained a friend and a couple of gold, 25... yeah poor washy prize for a simple quest.

But maybe now that Sven owns me a favor I ll take him with me to whiterun. Wich Im all set to go to now.