Middas 18th of the last seed.
I got a golden claw

I took a moment to eat and recover my strength, write the entry and look at the thing Im neck deep in dead bodies, I stand up and star walking deeper into the catacombs, the stench of dead is everywhere and I grow really paranoid of the dead bodies laying there, I dont trust any of them to stay like that forever. As I keep going, I sense a different smell in the air, oil perhaps petroleum, we must of pass a bank since I keep going down and deeper down this mountain. Another dead walker attack, I got him this time before he even sets his other foot in the floor out of the grave, but his buddy follows up, and I m now in battle with this other one, I continue down the path, The stench is stronger and I notice that there is a lot of oil in the ground, NO way another one of this headstrong Nords that wont say die. I look above his head at the lamp, its got a flame, I used the bow and pray the 8 that my shot hits its mark, I felt like my archery may of have gone up a level
for that was the life or dead shot that was actually effective, Flames consume this creature and probably a friend of his that was around the corner, this one I did not saw. I hear a 3rd one coming and soon he is dispatched by my blade after the flames had died down. So they are dead but are just as killable as us.
I carry on down the catacombs to be meet by another chamber this one with a waterfall from the mountain and a chest on the side, was this the treasure the Dark elf was talking....nah the dragon claw seem to have nothing to do with it, I carry on deeper.

I used the bow and arow to hit this undead ******** while sneaking in the darkness so as to he doesnt see whose shooting at him, I got him and continue to this path after taking more loot from the chest he was guarding, I m rather curious to see what the treasure ahead may be, I pull on a lever and I continue the path set by this little stream of water, a rather odd choice in architectural design from this Nords but I suppose its just nature. While I keep walking I enter a chamber of this place, not a tomb but a catacomb, no not even that is just a cave chamber, nothing here was man made, just the inside of a underground mountain cave, I believe no human hand was ever here, but that theory shatter as I see a chest ahead of me, I take its contents and look on my right where the stream stops a window looking down there is another undead woman looking up at me, I never had a woman chase after me like that, but sadly for her Im already spoken for my dear Camila. Even thou she doesnt know it yet. The undead woman may of try to kill me to turn me undead like her and so we can have amazing undead loving, and forget about Camilla, but no I shall not aloud it. I said I would deliver this claw to her brother and this is what will happen. I dispatch of the She deadwalker, scavenge her corpse for anything useful, and press on.The floor is slippery and mosy. there is a bride not man made again, just natural terrain type that crosses into another chamber, and here its another guard, this time I use more magic and I conjure my wolf familiar to help me deal with this foul creatures. I did and went into again another chamber, but the old Ancient Nord type of architecture is back. Just how big is this temple?
Not big enough to come between me and that kiss of Camilla, So I shall deliver this golden dragon claw
The place had another trap I passed one like this before, I forgot to mention, a small door hallway, set with swinging blades, Those Ancient Nords sure knew how to keep graverobers at bay, they really must not want anyone ahead, if they put a spell on their warriors to be arisen after dead if there was an intruder, But Im not a grave robber despite what my actions say. Im just looking for the way out and Im curious about this odd golden claw, According to the dark elf journal entry, well this is a key, well I wanna know what it opens, yes treasure will be a life saver like I said before, but Im not doing this out of greed, Besides when I met the elf and got the claw I was too deep to go back, and did not wanted to deal with more giant frostbite spiders, so I though the exit would be ahead. If I known that I ll be fighting undead, perhaps I would of just turn around and keep going,

Not that this creature scare me like they did the first time, Im just thinking I was closer to the exit that time than where I am now,

But I digress, I was in the hallway walking with time steps pass the blades, one wrong move and I wont have a nose or/and a** or well no I rather die if any more parts were chop off, once more battle against this undead, but as I was letting my wolf familiar do his part, in the back of my head I hear a slight faint sound, I keep my mind sharp as my blade and finally dispatch of them, magic of sparks, an arrow to a lanter suspended above a puddle of imperial oil, or was it Ciradill oil at the time before the Empire, All the same, they all died... again.
I walk up some wooden steps in this catacombs and as I do so, the sound continues, I thought at first was the sound of the blades in that trap hallway, but the sound still on the back of my head, even when Im so far from that doorway with the blades.. its strange, Perhaps the sound of the wind, It was after all the mountain,

Finally I make it to this long curved ceiling hallway with a peculiar door at the end, there seem to be a mechanism to open it, If I were a betting man I bet this is the safe where the treasure is...now time to use my puzzle solving skills to figure out the combination, whats this? the claw, the golden claw is the key, but the key alone is not enough. then I see the combination is engraved in the claw itself i open the door and it not a treasure that greets me, no
its a stairway, OH yes please let this be the exit, The secret of Bleak falls barrow obviously lay ahead, but I could deal with an exit now, The restless spirit in me however can say no to this invitation, The claw goes back in my pocket and I head up those stairs like a soul escaping oblivion. Then once more a cavern chamber, bats come at me greeting me to this place, Not a mountain of treasure and jewels just an empty chamber with a empty casket. hope this is not mine, I left this casket sorta disappointed it was not filled with magical items or loaded in gold and silver and jewels,
Walking straight I hear that faint sound growing louder as I go north, I keep on and see this massive place and a strange wall monument in the middle of this chamber, as well as a chest and a stone coffin.The sound I hear before, is growing louder coming from that wall, I get closer as the sound becomes clearer. Like a chant of a 100 man, all either warriors, priests, wizards. The voices of my ancestors...how do I know this, its so familiar and tis like calling to me, I get closer and the odd writting in the wall, feels like is calling to me and its carving is glowing, Then a odd power flows from it into what feels like my very soul and veins and I understand the word, "Unrelenting", thats what the carving says, I feel something in me awaken,

but at the same time the guardian of the treasure awakens, breaking open his sarcophagus with brute strength, I use my magic once more and he used the power sound blast of his yell, It made me take a knee, this one is no ordinary undead warrior like I have been destroying so far, this guy is on another league.
Then we shall tango, I pull out my 2 blades and the battle begins, he swings at me first, I dodge and move in on the counter movement, that powerfull voice again makes me lose my balance, more magic, my wolf familiar and flames, and sparks he has to fall eventually.
And so he did, it took me 2 wolf familiars, a game of cat and mouse as I use potions and magic to keep him from landing that final blow, but he finally falls, I see what his got on it, the only thing not worth to carry its his iron shield,
I get a nice new blade from him, enchanted with ice properties and an odd looking stone, called the dragonstone... somehow I feel like this thing is important, given all what happen in Helgen Its strange too, but that word in the wall that was glowing has the same writting as this stone.

Im no scholar for now I left that mystery go, I know now the secret of the place, its treasure and got to head back to Camila, I notices stairs on the other side of the chamber and take em, this leads me to the other end of the mountain, so Im finally out of the damn Bleak Falls, camp of bandits, giant frosbitespiders and undead bastards, cant say it was a bad quest. So now I ll shall head back to Riverwood, its late and the sun has set already, I know is not so safe to be out like this at night, but Im far above ground level, so unless skyrim has giant Eagle or something that wants to get a piece of me too, I ll be safe up here in Bleaks falls back door exit,

and like that I lay down to write this entry and rest wearing my warn new Fur armor I got from a bandit, Time to eat,