Angels dress in white, it's said
Devils dress in red
Death dresses up in one black robe
And though we all are led
To believing that we're different
From all these beings that wear those clothes
We all of us are all three of them
Even if none of us knows
We think we're something special
Better than all of three
But we're just a mix of them
We just cannot see
When we wear the color red, outside or inside
We are little devils and our sins we cannot hide
When we wear pure white, we seem to act so just
And when we wear pitch black, we all turn to dust
We are little devils
In red and dancing 'round
But we're also angels
Floating off the ground
And we fight and die and kill
Just like that sad, old reaper has and always will
We are not human beings
Humans don't exist
As for all the things we are
I'll have to make a list