Dear Reader,

Sure, there are all sorts around the world and all sorts around tumblr, but can you please stop with the hate? You do not have to be a gay woman to love another woman, you do not have to be a gay man to love another man. You do not have to be a straight woman to love another man and you do not have to be a straight man to love another woman.

Your sexuality has NOTHING to do with your romantic feelings. Love does not equal sex. This is a lesson I failed to teach my little cousin so far, who insists I just want John and Sherlock to ******** each other, but I will not give up (he’s still 13, there’s hope). Do not hate people because of who they love.

Additionally, if they do happen to identify themselves somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, do not hate them for what they like. It’s a preference. Just as a straight man may feel appalled by the idea of tasting his own semen, or anyone else’s for that matter (wink to a certain someone), another may feel aroused or may not mind it at all, EVEN IF HE’S NOT GAY. It has to do with what people like, and just as you don’t hate and loathe someone because they don’t like to read or because they like football/soccer/whatever or because they aren’t excited about your favourite band, don’t hate them for what they like in their sex life. Don’t hate them for their kinks or lack of, and don’t hate them for feeling okay in their bodies or not (referring to transgender and cis people).

I mentioned Sherlock above, and it was a certain Johnlock post I read that made me write this in the first place. The post I am referring to was written by someone who hates heterosexuals, for some reason, and this gives me pause, because all I could think while they were ranting was that heterosexuality is the very reason the person is alive at all?

This show has been an eye-opener in many ways, but most of all it has made me think about people. Irene was gay. She loved/was interested in Sherlock. John keeps repeating “I am not gay!”. I do believe he has romantic feelings for Sherlock, but keeps pushing them away. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the term ‘bisexual’ (though, to be honest, very few NON-BISEXUAL people do). Even if John ISN’T bisexual, that doesn’t stop him loving Sherlock in a romantic way.

Sherlock is a complicated case, and I think that’s one of the reasons I love him most. I believe he may be asexual, though I do not refuse the notion of his homosexuality. Either way, nothing stops him from falling in love with John. And that’s the moral (or one of the morals) of the show. It’s all fine. Whatever you like or don’t like to have or do in your bed, whomever you love, however you feel in your own body, it’s all fine. I like you as you are, and I think you deserve to be happy.

Just don’t be a t**t and hate other people for what THEY like. If you do, I’m judging you.

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